Located in the Cordillera de Tilarán, Monteverde, the jewel in the crown of cloud forest reserves, is a small community in Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. When we talk about eco-tourism in Costa Rica, we cannot avoid Monteverde, host to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and numerous other reserves. This major ecotourism destination in Costa Rica draw considerable numbers of tourists and naturalists every year


El Bosque

El Bosque, a small family hotel, is nestled in a private forest. Located 3km (1.9 miles) away from Monteverde Biological Reserve, It has beautiful gardens and hiking trails. Tramonti, considered one o the best restaurants in the town, is located within El Bosque property. They have multiple accommodation options to choose from including Double Room, Triple Room, Quadruple Room, and Quintuple Room.

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Hotel Los Jardines de Monteverde

If you are looking for a hotel located in a mountain town, Hotel Los Jardines is perfect for you. The place it’s situated is considered as the touristic spot of that part of Costa Rica. The hotel is in operation since 2004. To ensure better service, the hotel offers personalized attention to each of it’s guests. They offer 3 types of accommodation facilities – Standard, Superior & Cabina. You can enjoy spectacular Sunset view from the patio garden.

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Monteverde Inn

Deciding where to go, what to do, what to experience in Costa Rica is a bit difficult. Why? With 912 miles of coast and multiple mountain ranges, Costa offers countless awesome oprions. Tilarán Mountain Range is considered one of the most beautiful Mountain Ranges in this part of the world. Now just imagine that Monteverde Inn is nestled into this Tilarán Mountain Range. Monteverde Inn is off the beaten path so it is quiet and serene. You can enjoy watching wild animals and birds just walking through Monteverde Inn’s own forest and hiking trail. They offer a range of accommodation options. Their Standard Rooms have two double beds while the Cabin has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (private).

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El Establo

Monteverde is famous for its fascinating and tropical cloud forests. Now imagine that El Establo is located amid this misty cloud forest. Though it’s nestled in the tropical cloud forest, El Establo is equipped with all the modern facilities to ensure highest comfort for the guests. This hotel blends two distinct cultures-Costa Rican & Quaker. It offers 4 different types of accommodation facilities named as Deluxe Double, Junior Suite, Suite, Honeymoon. The rooms are very clean and cool. So you can easily allow the mountain breeze to enter the room and cool it down.

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the green restaurant The Green Restaurant:

Established in 2014, the Green restaurant offers friendly atmosphere and serves delicious dishes which are prepared with natural food products which comes from their own production and also from the local producers. At this restaurant you can enjoy Costa Rican as well as International dishes. It serves vegetarian friendly dishes, Gluten free dishes and also fusion dishes. You can enjoy lunch and dinner and also different drinks at this restaurant. This place is ideal for families, kids, for arranging romantic dinner and also special occasions.




Don Luis

Restaurant Don Luis:

It serves amazing fusion dishes and contemporary drinks which are prepared with the ingredients collected from different sources. At this restaurant you will enjoy pleasant and cozy environment. It serves Italian, South American, local, Central American cuisine. You can choose from vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes and gluten free dishes. While eating your food, you will also enjoy live music.


cabure Café Caburé:

Situated at the Paseo de Stella Tourist Center in ‘Old Monteverde’, Cafe Cabure is an Argentine restaurant, coffee and chocolate shop. At this sophisticated place, you can enjoy breakfast and dinner in its beautiful covered balcony that also overlooks amazing cloudforest of Monteverde. This restaurant serves well balanced menu including unique dishes from Argentina and other countries. You can enjoy freshest salads, fries, homemade burgers or freshly prepared lasagna and all of these foods are made with freshest ingredients. Dessert lovers can try fudge brownies and handmade chocolates. This restaurant can also arrange chocolate tour.


Tree-House-Restaurant Tree House Restaurant:

This restaurant was built in the branches of an old huge ficus tree. It provides a unique ambiance. At this restaurant you can enjoy different types of snacks, Pizza, Hamburgers and Sandwiches, Mexican dishes such as Nachos and Quesadillas. You can also enjoy complete dinner, cocktails, fresh juices, great wine, seafood dishes prepared from the fresh fish collected from Monteverde. It is also renowned for coffees. They roast the coffees themselves and have four Baristas who prepare a perfect coffee. You will meet friendly and hospitable staff.

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morphos Morphos:

This restaurant serves a variety of dishes during lunch and diner. The menu includes sandwiches, pasta, steaks, soups, and chicken dishes.  It also offers casados that is made with rice, beans, fish or meat, small salad and fried plantains. You can also enjoy fresh juice, deserts and shakes any time of the day.


De Lucia Restaurant De Lucia:

In the Monteverde area, this restaurant is one of the most renowned and oldest restaurant that opened 22 years ago. This family owned restaurant serves great grilled fillets such as Mexican fillets, fillet mignon, lasagna, Peruvian ceviche and many more. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner or want to enjoy fun time with your friends and family, you will find this restaurant perfect. This restaurant also serves a wide selection of Chilean wines.

sofia Sophia:

In Monteverde area, Sophia is considered as one of the premier fine dining place. This restaurant offers fusion dishes, different types of drinks and fine wines. For your main course you can enjoy chicken breasts, seafood chimichangas, chipotle butter sauce, large salads and many more. It provides beautiful setting that is close to nature. This restaurant is ideal for arranging special occasions and business meetings. You can visit this place with your family, kids, a large group and also for a romantic dinner.
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Activities and Tours:

Monteverde area is renowned for its amazing cloudforests which are boasting with different species of wild animals and plants. The surrounding area is just like paradise for enjoying some adventure and leisure activities. There are many zip-lines that might attract the adventure lover. Nature lovers can choose the suspension bridges to explore the natural beauty from close distance. You can also go for ice cream tour, coffee tour or visit cheese factories.

Zip line and Canopy tour:

Adventure lovers will find some of the challenging, longest, fastest and highest zip lines throughout the Monteverde cloud forests which will allow them to experience a thrilling adventure. While swinging high above from the ground and in the air through the jungle like Tarzan, you will also get the opportunity to explore the amazing natural beauty of the area from a different view.

Suspension and Hanging Bridges:

Nature lovers who want to explore the different layers of the Monteverde cloud forest, they can walk along the hanging bridges and suspension bridges. They can get the opportunity to see some different species of plants which they might not find on the ground. They can spot monkeys jumping from tree to trees, spot other animals climbing the tees to soaring elevations to collect nuts and fruits, and also can spot different species of colorful birds.

Visitng Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve:

Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is one of the renowned private reserve in Costa Rica. With its 25,950 acres of area, this reserve is home to abundant of wild animals. Bird watchers will find this place just like a paradise as it is a habitat for 400 bird species. For exploring the natural beauty of the area and its wild animals and birds, it is better to accompanied by an expert guide.

Night Walk Tour:

If you are more adventurous, you will love night tour. It will allow you to explore the hidden wild creatures of the cloud forests which come out only at night. From a safe distance you can observe spiders, snakes, tree frogs, opossums, porcupines and many other night animals.

Coffee tours:

While you are in Monteverde for vacation, you can go for a coffee tour and get the opportunity to know not only about the coffee plantation process but also about the tradition of the country. You can enjoy riding in an ox-drawn cart and if it is suitable season, you might also get the opportunity to pick a bushel of raw coffee beans. You can enjoy watching coffee growing, its making process and also how those beans are roasted and can even taste brewed coffee.

Neighboring Town:

Santa Elena:

It is a small town, nestled in the Tilaran Cordillera, in the northern areas of the province of Puntarenas. Situated just a few km north from the famous Monteverde Cloudforest Reserve, this town has different types of accommodations including luxury hotels as well as budget friendly hotels. There are also all other facilities like general store, restaurants, bars, clinic, police station, post office, bank, bus stops, travel agencies and many more.

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