Montezuma Pacifico

montezuma pacifico

Situated in downtown of Montezuma, Hotel Montezuma Pacifico is a quiet friendly hotel. Set within 20 meters (50 feet) just the church and North-East of the park, this place is very tranquil and pleasant. It is one of the few hotels around the town that provides air conditioner and hot water facility. It also offers digital safe in room and WiFi service. Other facilities include a tour desk, free parking, clean and quiet rooms with tea and coffee every morning. This hotel also has a terrace overlooking amazing view of the surrounding area.

room-fisheye Accommodation:

At the Montezuma Pacifico hotel, most of the rooms have one two-person bed. Most of those rooms are featured with electronic safe in the room, air conditioner, showers with hot water, private bathrooms and in room refrigerator. There are shared balconies where you will find free WiFi service and can also use from some of the rooms. In some of the rooms you will also find TV.


Montezuma Waterfalls:

While staying at the Montezuma Pacifico hotel, you can go to the wonderful Montezuma Waterfalls. You will have to head to a mile up the road and then 20 to 30 minute hike up to the river to reach these waterfalls. There are two more smaller falls above these waterfalls.

El Chorro Waterfalls:

To reach these waterfalls you will have to make a two-hour hike up the big beach. You will have to keep going North-East(ish) up the coast. Be sure to take enough food with you as there are no place to have your snacks.

montezuma town The Town of Montezuma:

Surrounded by two beaches, Montezuma is a small town, a few city blocks wide and has a variety of restaurants, stores, internet cafes, bars and many more. You can meet its people and know about their culture and lifestyle. On most Saturdays, you can visit its farmers market. You can also enjoy nightlife of the area by visiting one of its bar.

More info:


Call: +506 2642 0204 or +506 2642 0970.

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