Montezuma Waterfalls


Montezuma Waterfalls

Heading in the direction down the road south from Montezuma, visitors will come to a bridge right in front of Amor de Mar. Then a right turn along the river for about 25 minutes brings one to a spectacular and picturesque waterfall. It also has a scenic and rejuvenating pool to enjoy in the midst of the lush tropical jungle. There is another set of falls which according to some travelers is more attractive than the foremost falls. One of the most striking features of these waterfalls is the combination of the verdant forest canopy with the beauty of the natural jacuzzis. The adventure is complete when you spot troops of monkeys and flocks if colorful birds gracing the canopies.

The first waterfall is definitely the most popular of the three and is packed with families and hikers looking to get a glimpse of Montezuma’s crown tiara that cascades above 80 feet to the pool underway. If you’ve driven to get here, you can park at the waterfall parking space for about $2. The first falls are the ones buzzing with the maximum activity. Though it is safe in general, a lot of fatal accidents occur when visitors try to climb the rocks from the northern end. Visitors are advised to exercise caution and follow the safety rules in order to prevent any untoward incidents. It’s best to take guidance from a Tico (local) if you aren’t sure about directions, safety rules or elements of danger associated with these waterfalls.  The paths can be confusing and intimidating at times, so don’t think twice about talking to a friendly Tico if you aren’t sure about where you’re headed. . In their endeavor to appear cool and fearless, visitors have tried all sorts of stunts, which have proved to be fatal.The first waterfall is the best place to be for families with very young children and/or those who aren’t very proficient swimmers.

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The second waterfall is the most exciting of the lot here. Reaching here involves a steep, challenging climb. Once they reach here, visitors can enjoy a top view of the waterfall. If they climb down the rocks to the northern part of the waterfall, visitors will be able to see it from down. There are plunge point options of you are looking to jump over a boulder to get lower side views, ranging from 20 to 44 foot. Visitors can by all means enjoy the exhilaration that accompanies a free fall by ensure that you have all the knowledge and are aware of the consequences before doing so. The best way to do it is, again, to talk to a helpful Tico, who can guide you on the safest freefall points. Most deaths here occur due to the fact that people do not land on the rocks if they jump from the wrong places.

About 15 feet on top of the third waterfall is a pleasant swimming hole. The best way to reach here is to walk the steep, well-paved road past the Butterfly Garden, and then go along the gravel road to the right until you reach a jungle gym. Take the trail to the left and keep walking straight down from the zip line stairs until you reach the waterfall.

The third waterfall and its striking swimming hole are the best places to hang out for seasoned swimmers. Visitors enjoy day trips here by swimming, jumping off the rocks and simply diving into the water below. The currents can be powerful, especially during the rains due to which visitors are advised to exercise caution.

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