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Located at the Osa Mountain Village Resort & Adventure Park, Osa Eco Village is an Eco Educational learning center developed and implemented at the beginning of 2013 with the emphasis of working with volunteers within the grounds of the Osa Mountain Village Eco Resort and community. They offer a very unique experience. They have an Organic farm to visit or volunteer. Interestingly they have an Animal Rescue Center in the same place as well. But the best part is that you will have the option to go on the Osa canopy tour or fly through the air on the longest Superman cable ride in the world.


In this magical place you will will get the opportunity to experience living simply and sustainably. Set within the rainforest and surrounded by organic farm, this accommodations offers more privacy and natural environment. With your stay you will enjoy 3 meals a day. In the property area you will find Deluxe Cabin Tents, Shared Dorm Style Cabin Tent with all meals, Deluxe 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom Villas available – starting at $150 per night, Kitchen Area & Awesome Rancho Chillout Zone, Community Pool & River Pool.

Volunteer Program – Sustainable Community & Wildlife Conservation:

Organic Farming & Permaculture Experience:

Over the past three years extensive organic gardens have been developed by The Osa Mountain Village Eco Resort and Adventure Park.  These gardens include Animal husbandry, Aquaculture, Edible Landscaping and Permaculture Design. They offer a 5 day, 28 hour eye – opening introductory course into the Philosophy of Permaculture will be shared with many fun practical workshops taking place.

Volunteer with an awild animal Wild Life Sanctuary and Volunteer Program:

A privately run business the Osa Wild Animal Rescue Center works for saving a variety of wild animals. It takes donations from the visitors. You can join the volunteer program and nurse the injured animals back to health so that they can be released in the wild. For the rehabilitation and conservation of the wild animals, volunteer, veterinary Interns, Zoologists and Biologists can play important role. For the management of this wildlife center, eco volunteers can help. You can work for feeding the animals, maintenance, observing their behavior, taking care of their health so that they can be returned to the wild soon.

Rainforest Trail Building & Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers can also get the opportunity to help with maintaining rainforest trails and or for building new trails to the many waterfalls and much more.

Osa Eco Experience is looking for volunteers with specific skills:

  1. Volunteer Coordinator
  2. Volunteer Chef/Cook
  3. Office Help, Video Production and Editing people
  4. Hospitality management assistance
  5. Hotel & Hospitality Interns
  6. Permaculture Teachers
  7. Handyman and Carpentry help
  8. Marketing & Social Networking Specialists
  9. Biologists and Animal Conservation assistance
  10. Skilled Artists

On Site Eco Tours:

Zip Line Canopy Tour & Tarzan Swing:

You can enjoy zip line canopy tours at the Osa Mountain Village Eco Adventure Park. While zip lining through the rainforest from treetop to treetop on a network of 9 cables, 11 platforms, 2 rappelling stations, and 1 suspension bridge.

Superman Cable Ride – Longest in the World:

You can enjoy flying like a Superman on the longest cable Zip line-2.07 km of adrenaline. You can also enjoy other adventures and voluntourism experiences at this surrounding area.

You can get more information about other permaculture centers here: Permaculture Costa Rica


Osa Eco Experience


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