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In this fast world, the resources are limited but everyone should get in an equal portion. It is possible i many people work together to protect the nature and develop a sustainable world. So it’s high time for us find solutions in order to live more sustainable lives. Good thing is that Permaculture centers are popping up all over the world to meet these needs. Over the last year, I’ve visited many Permaculture centers and talked with many educators and ecologists about the best places to learn about sustainability and Permaculture in Costa Rica.

Southern Pacific:

Finca Morpho:

It is an educational, experimental and regenerative Permaculture community. Set close to the Osa Peninsula’s point of Cabo Matapalo, it is a 4.2 hectares property area. It is 14 km south of Puerto Jimenez. It offers Permaculture Design Certification Course. You will also enjoy a farm tour with lots of information about the processes. This community has 7-10 spots on the farm at time for Volunteers and Trunk Members. These volunteer programs allow the participants to learn practically with a basic work flow schedule.

Call: (506)8771-0222
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Fuente Verde Community:

Fuente Verde, an organic farm, is situated in the small village of Las Tumbas in the mountains on the southwest Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It is set between the beach town of Dominical and San Isidro de El General, it overlooks amazing view of the Pacific Coast. This 60-acre (24 hectares) property area is designed according to Permaculture principles as a sustainable eco-friendly environment. This community offers tours for the local students and also for the students from all around the world. Upon the participants’ request Permaculture courses can be scheduled. The mission of this organic farm is to make a mixed-use ecologically and socially enriching designed community.

Call: 506-8438-1564
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Gaia Vista:

Gaia Vista is a sustainable eco-village situated in Costa Rica’s rural countryside. If you are looking for a place where you will be able to get more connected to the nature, Gaia Vista is ready to welcome you. Located in the Central South Pacific area of Costa Rica, this eco-village offers an abundant view of the Costa Rica’s countryside and stunning beaches. In addition to that, Gaia Vista has it’s own Organic farm developed using Permaculture principles, and would mostly be run by volunteers and a couple of paid workers.

Osa Eco Experience:

Situated where the mountains meet the ocean on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Osa Mountain Village is a 780 acre sustainable community. Within the boundaries of this property, the Osa Eco Experience, a new venture developed and implemented at the beginning of 2013. Anyone with any skill level can volunteers with the Organic Farming and Permaculture Program, work in its organic garden, live on our organic farm nestled into the rainforest, learn about Organic Farming and Permaculture. It also offers Permaculture course.
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The Diamante Center:

The Diamante Center, also know as the Diamante Valley Solution Center, is committed to co-creating a regenerative future for All life. Their aim is create an ecologically harmonious world. This community benefit organization has been trying to achieve it’s goal through arranging well-being and educational programs, enhancing community sharing economies and assisting eco-friendly food systems. They are also trying to empower all institutions that are working in developing a regenerative society. They also offer Permaculture and Yoga Program (PYP). Apart from Permaculture they offer different courses such as Living in Wellness Through Every Breath, Detox Immersion Spring, Yoga / Detox / Raw food and many more exiting ones.
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Situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, PachaMama is a natural sanctuary for the soul. PachaMama eco-village continuously makes projects to increase sustainability, biodiversity and also to minimize the carbon footprint. In this village Permaculture principles, soil regeneration, waste reduction, recycling, water reduction are applied. It also offers transformation cycle program that includes body cleanse, yoga, silent retreat and many more.
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Southern Nicoya Peninsula:


Situated on one of the last undeveloped stretches of coastline on the Southern Nicoya Peninsula within the Caletas-Ario National Wildlife Refuge, Cirenas is just 5 hours from San Jose and 3 hours from Liberia. On its campus, Cirenas has developed comprehensive Permaculture trials to emulate the diversity, patterns, cycles and features found in nature. It offers Permaculture program that is not only aims to supply its campus by producing organic vegetables and fruits rather also work as an excellent educational and research platform. It has certified staff who can give the lesson practically to the field practitioners. It also focuses on rural development like working on key development issues and give emphasis on water security and food production as well as sustainable resource management. This campus also offers programs based on education, research and conservation. Its mission is to make transformative connections between the people and the nature through research, education, innovation and integration.
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longo mai Finca Sonador / Longo Mai:

Also known as Longo Mai, Finca Sonador is a village in Southern Costa Rica. It is set right on the border of the Provinces of San Jose and Puntarenas. It was developed with the primary concern to provide shelter for Central American refugees but today this community is developing into and ecological center. It is situated at the center of vast Del Monte pineapple plantations. It works as a ‘green lung’. The agriculture of this property is combined with environmental protection and eco-tourism. It grows corn, rice, beans, yuca (manioc), bananas, meat, fruits, plantains and many more. It also produce sugarcane crops and coffee to sell on the market. In this place you can not buy alcoholic beverages but you can reach the closest bar by 30 minutes walking from the village. This village offers a wide range of classes and workshops based on dancing, Spanish, Manufacturing of chocolate, handicrafts, tortillas, and Pupusas (Salvadorian dish). They encourage the guests to help the locals for example by participating in the sugar cane harvest or coffee.

Call: (+506) 2771 4239

Rancho Delicioso:

Rancho Delicioso is an eco village and Permaculture volunteer project focusing on conscious living, sustainable agriculture, healthy and artistic lifestyle. Located in Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Rancho Delicioso prides itself on being sustainable not only with regard to environmental terms, but also in social, economic, and spiritual terms. The 8 hectare estate is close to Montezuma and Santa Teresa. It’s considered as a living community and producer of fresh organic food.

Call: +560 8844-4726 /

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Finca Tierra:

Finca Tierra (Earth Farm), a 9-acre Permaculture facility that’s become an important center for education and community development, is perfect for the individuals interested in gaining sustainability knowledge. Currently they have 3 different offers. If you are ready to be totally immersed in sustainability and interested in gaining sustainability knowledge through exposure to their working farm, you can try Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses. Done with PCD? No worries. Finca Tierra offers Internships for those with a PDC. If you are interested to Landscapa Tour, Finca Tierra has something for you too. They offer Tropical Farm-To-Table Dinner & Edible Landscape Tour evenings on select Saturday nights throughout the year.

Call: +506 8390 8348
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Punta Mona:

Punta Mona, an 85-acre, off-the-grid, beachfront, family owned Permaculture farm and eco-lodge, is trying to provide an alternative to traditional farming. It’s place to regenerate soil and soul. Simply magical place with awesome lovely people and beautiful landscapes. They are trying to reduce the destructive land use practices, loss of cultural heritage and community, depletion of our natural resources, decimation of biodiversity and rampant wastefulness taking place throughout Costa Rica and the world. One of the best things at Punta Mona is that they grow most of their own food organically. Not only that, they use eco-technologies, create a sense of community and are dedicated to educating learners of all ages and from all walks of life. All of Punta Mona’s buildings are built from fallen trees, the electricity comes from solar panels, and there’s plenty of fresh food to pluck and pick if one looks closely enough. Punta Mona offers different types of Permaculture courses such as Permaculture Design Courses, Permaculture Design Course and the Herbalist’s Path, Permaculture Apprenticeships, Awakened Spirit 200hr Yoga & Permaculture Leadership Training and Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence.
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Central Valley:

rancho mastatal Rancho Mastatal:

Located on the edge of the only remaining virgin rainforest of Puriscal, a canton within San Jose province, Rancho Mastatal is an education center, working Permaculture farm. It can be considered as a living classroom. It customize the classes with lectures and hands-on work. These classes allow the participants exploring design solutions for both temperate and tropical regions. This community rooted in environmental sustainability, meaningful, place-based livelihoods. Rancho Mastatal offers a variety of life-changing workshops related to sustainability, Permaculture, homesteading, wilderness medicine and also transformational educational programs. Its Permaculture Design Certification course concludes with the participants working in teams to make their own Permaculture site design. Anyone, who has interest designing resilient and regenerative futures or want to take a profession to work in fields of agriculture, ecology, planning, farming and community development, can join this course. This course will allow them to learn to re-design and improve their surroundings.

Call: +506 2200-0920
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Founded in 2006, VerdEnergia Pacifica is a cooperatively-owned Permaculture community and reforestation project. It is situated in the rural mountains of Pursical, Costa Rica. Since it opened, it has been working to repair destroyed cattle land into a food forest in one of the most deforested areas of the country. This community offers workshops and courses related to Permaculture, jungle medicine, holistic health and also culinary arts. Its Permaculture Design Course are perfect for the beginners as well as for the intermediate students. It combines theory with applied practice, enabling the students to find right livelihood through practicing Permaculture. It also has other projects like garden and reforestation and natural building.
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