Founded in December 1999 by Tyohar and fellow travelers, PachaMama is situated on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in a forested valley. It is an oasis of an alternative lifestyle. At this place you can get rejuvenated and connected to the nature as well as can dive into a transformative spiritual voyage and celebrate life. It was developed to manifest together a commune that embraces a new way of life.


At PachaMama, from the center of the village, you can reach all the bungalows and casitas by a short walk. You will find some of the casitas are set in the forest which provide more privacy and some are nestled near to the village center.


If you want to immersed in the vibrant forest to be connected with the nature, you can choose camping. From the village center, within a few minutes of walking distance, you will find the camping area. There are shady campsites for those who want to experience more rustic adventure amidst banana trees and wildlife. The camping area features established tent pads, dry composting toilets, cold water showers but every camper should bring personal tent and camping equipment. You will also have lockers and showers in the village center.


Guests who are adventurous, they will find the Casita perfect. It is a three-sided wooden cabin. Its has a open side that allows the guests to be immersed in nature completely. Each of the Casita is featured with a double bed, shelf to keep your clothes, a mosquito net, and a sitting area. Some of the Casitas also have cold water and open-air shower.

Cottage with AC:

If you want to enjoy more comfort like home, you can choose one of the cottages. These cottages are featured with a large bedroom including a queen-sized bed with mosquito net, air conditioner, ceiling fan, a small refrigerator and a balcony sitting area. In each of the cottage you will find a private bathroom including hot shower. From the village center, you can reach these cottages by five minute walk. These cottage offers enough privacy. You can make the cottage completely closed with the sliding doors, window screens and shades.

Luna and Floresta Bungalows:

luna bungalow Luna:

If you visit PachaMama with you family and want to experience how it feels staying in jungle, you can stay at this casita-style bungalow. From the village center this bungalow can be reached by 5 minutes walk. Set into nature, this half open bungalow overlooks amazing forest view. This bungalow can accommodate up to 3 guests. It is featured with one king-sized bed and one single bed, a fully equipped kitchen and full bathroom with a hot shower.


Tucked deep in the forest, 7 minutes walking distance from the village center, Floresta is also a casita style house. Couple and family who want to enjoy a true jungle experience, they will find this bungalow perfect. This half open bungalow is featured with one single bed in a semi-enclosed bedroom and one full sized bed in the main living area, full bathroom including hot hot shower and a fully equipped kitchen. This bungalow can accommodate up to three people.

Sol, Estrella and Kalimba Bungalows:


From the village center you can reach by two minutes walk. This bungalow is perfect for a small family or a couple. It can accommodate up to three person. It is featured with a master bedroom with full-sized bed. It also has a living room with a sofa that can also double as a child’s bed. It also features a fully equipped kitchen and balcony with ample space, a full bathroom including a hot shower.


From the center of the village, you can reach this bungalow by two minute walk. This casita style bungalow is ideal for a family or a couple who want to have a true jungle experience and it can sleep up to three people. It has two large living spaces with plenty of elbow room. This half open bungalow offers forest view. This bungalow features one king-sized bed and one single bed, a fully equipped kitchen and a full bathroom with hot shower.


From the village center, this bungalow is within two minutes walking distance. It is fully enclosed house with air conditioning. Designed ideally for couple and small family, this bungalow can sleep up to three people. With an open floor plan, it is featured with a full-sized bed and also provides a fold-out sofa that can double as a child’s bed. It provides a full kitchen and private backyard providing ample space for retreat, and also has full bathroom including a hot shower.

Bougainvillea bungalow Bougainvillea bungalow:

You can reach this bungalow from the center of the village by two minutes walk. This fully enclosed bungalow is featured with air conditioner, two fully enclosed bedrooms, including a master bedroom with full-sized bed, and also has a children’s room with two single beds. It is perfect for four people. It is also featured with a fully equipped kitchen and living room. This bungalow is ideal for a larger family. There is also a full bathroom including a hot shower.

villa Villa:

There are two villas, set within three minutes walking distance from the village center, ideally designed for couples and a family. These villas are featured with one master bedroom that includes a king-sized bed and there is also a smaller bedroom with two single beds. There are air conditioners. You will also find a fully equipped kitchen and a large living room have a beautiful view of a forested valley. There is an outdoor dining area.

Healthy Cuisine at ‘Verde’ restaurant:

Located in the village center, this restaurant serves buffet meals 3 times a day. All the dishes are prepared by a team of creative chefs. Surrounded by a lush forest, this restaurant is visited by an abundance of hummingbirds all day long that makes the environment more pleasant. This restaurant is a vital part of the transformation process and it is in tune with the needs of the workshops, meditations and cleansing groups. It provides light, nutritious and nourishing meals. For preparing the dishes, local and organic food products are used and no sugar, yeast, wheat, coffee, heavily processed or canned products are not used at this restaurant. During lunch and dinner, you will have a variety of at least 3 raw food dishes and often local rice and beans based delicious dishes.

Eco Village:

sustainability Sustainability:

In 1999, when PachaMama was funded, its 500 acres area was a cattle farm including different species of little trees and small patches of forest. Later the total area has been transformed incredibly by planting thousands of trees including endangered trees. The eco system of the area has been restored as the butterflies, wildlife, birds and insects have returned.

construction practice Building and Responsible Construction Practices:

For the construction in the village, all the hardwood is collected from fallen trees. All the construction has been done with the principle of conservation and respect to nature. You will find all the houses are below the ridge line so that those don’t harm the peaks.

Waste Reduction:

PachaMama eliminates one-use packaging such as plastic, aluminium and tetra packs. Visitors are also asked not to bring any plastic waste and non-rechargeable batteries.

Composting Toilets:

To drastically reduce water usage, Composting toilets are used in the main public are and additionally being built to serve accommodation areas.

Soil Regeneration:

PachaMama has a Soil Center that works for transforming organic waste into nutrients for the soil using biochar and vermiculture techniques. Through planting and swells, soil erosion is controlled.

PachaMama Greenhouse:

At the PachaMama property, there is a greenhouse that produce native trees, a variety of greens and super foods.


PachaMama offers several Costa Rica retreats which are have their own uniqueness. You can enjoy cleanse retreats, silent retreats, self retreats as well as yoga retreats.

Silent Retreats:

This retreat is like a journey of transformation. It will allow you to focus solely on you own inner self. You will spend some days in silence in an amazing natural setting that not only will help you to be more connected with your own self but also to the nature. This retreat also include Satsang with Tyohar twice a day, a daily practice of Yoga and various meditations and it ends with a Sweatlodge.

Yoga Retreat:

During this retreat you will enjoy practicing your workouts in a delightful and natural setting. It will help you to enjoy deeply the stretches and open up the parts of your body that you never noticed. You will feel renewed and refreshed. You will feel muscles opening in a gentle and expansive way. During this retreat you will enjoy light live foods which are available in the restaurant that will allow your body to get detoxified and healed.

Cleanse Retreats:

This retreat provides tools for a healthy, balanced and more aware lifestyle. It helps detoxifying the blood, cleaning the colon and flushing the liver. This retreat is ideal for improving overall health.

Self Rtreat:

If you join this retreat, you will get the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily living. You can stay in a luxurious and comfortable house including all the modern amenities. You can spend some tranquil time and enjoy getting more connected to your own self.

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