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Pacific Coast Dive Center is based in Playa Flamingo, a glittering white sand beach on the Northern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. pacific coast dive center Their team consists of highly skilled and experienced PADI divemasters and instructors who are there to teach you how to dive safely and independently, and ensure you a great time while at it. Your lessons with Pacific Coast Dive Center will include high quality diving equipment, transport service to and from your lodging area, an enormous diving boat and full guidance for the best experience. The dive center not only teach you how to dive but also offers several dive courses and certificates and ensures you have a safe, fun-filled and adventurous time. Besides scuba diving, guests can enjoy snorkeling and wonderful sunset cruises. Join Pacific Coast Dive Center and have a delightful time exploring the gems of Costa Rica’s underwater world.


Pacific Coast Dive Center offers a following range of thrilling and fun filled activities:

Discover Scuba Diving

It is an introduction to scuba diving program for those who are going to dive for the very first time. The program begins with a 40 minutes long demonstration class in the pool where you will learn and practice the basic steps. Afterwards, you will head towards the ocean to dive. You have a chance to go for a dive in two amazing diving points of the Catalina Islands.

Tours for PADI certified

pacific coast dive center 2 It is a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the best diving points of Catalina Island for people who hold a qualifying PADI certification. You can bring your own equipment if you like. Minimum age requirement is 10 years.

PADI Certification Courses

Pacific Coast Dive Center is a renowned school for PADI certification courses. The dive center has highly qualified dive masters who carefully teach and supervise the classes and water activities. They offer both open water and advanced open water diving courses.

Snorkeling and Sunset Cruises

If you can swim, then you can snorkel. Set up the equipment with the help of your instructors, dive in to the ocean and observe the quaint creatures of the Catalina Islands up close. If you don’t want to get into the water but simply want to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, join the sunset cruise.

Contact Pacific Coast Dive Center

Location: Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 506 2654 6175

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