Selva Verde


Selva Verde

Dubbed as more than just a lodge or rainforest reserve retreat, Selva Verde is a 500 acre paradise which offers its patrons a rich natural experience and incredible vistas. From waking up to the cries of Howler monkeys early in the morning to hiking through rough labyrinth paths of the deep forest landscape, visitors can experience a whole lot of similar experiences that bring Costa Rica’s wilderness appeal up, close and personal to the guest. Located at a two hour drive from San Jose, the 30 year old property offers convenient access to a large number of tourist attractions in the region. The lodge also aims to create a symbiotic relationship between the visitor and his/her natural environment by practicing stringent responsible and sustainable tourism policies. Selva Verde offers basic accommodations that are comfortable and tastefully done up and practical. The line-up of nature adventure based pursuits and lessons in sustainable tourism are also impressive here. This authentic nature retreat is as much a bird watcher’s paradise as it is a learning ground for students of environmental studies. Nestled in the center of the Sarapiqui Canton area, this lodge encourages conservation policies, environmental learning and local community development efforts.

Tours and Activities

Selva Verde’s surroundings are a nature lover’s bag of candies, loaded as they are with a large number of exploratory tours, adventure pursuits and nature based expeditions. Patrons can savor a nice selection of activities such as thrilling hikes, refreshing white water rafting adventure (for all proficiency levels and ages), horseback rides through lush nature reserves, adrenaline plummeting  zip line tours, exploring the forest region on foot, a visit to the Sarapiqui Conservation Center and getting aquatinted with the local community of the region.  The authentic and beautiful Selva Verde has a nice array of customized recreation packages that are designed for offering its visitors a more unusual and interesting family experience including a natural wonders tour, a family fun tour, birding tour and similar activities.

In addition to this, there are other enjoyable exploratory pursuits such as guided nature trips, rides on the Sarapiqui River and a tour of the well-known Arenal Volcano along with some of the most interesting family holiday experiences such as a chocolate tour and instructional cooking sessions. Birding is one of the foremost attractions at the lodge with the area playing shelter to a staggering variety of native bird species including the keel billed Toucans and Sun bittens. Birding aficionados of all levels take part in the Early Morning Bird Walks and tours of neighboring birding hotspots. Selva Verde also conducts a host of educational programs to get guests acquainted to local community service along with the cultural gems of this quaint little town.

Selva Verde’s in house amenities include a huge conference room, together with a couple of meeting areas and classrooms (comfortable and uniquely designed for conducting lectures and business presentations). Some of the other popular guest amenities in place at Selva Verde are an adult pool, a children’s pool and, a sunset illuminated restaurant and a nice, charming and causal ambiance sporting Selvita bar (nestled adjacent to the Sarapiqui River) and an old-fashioned gift shop.


Selva Verde’s accommodations are a blend of simplicity, elegance, minimalism and comfort.  Hidden in the confines of a prosperous tropical garden landscape, the accommodations provide the right mix of privacy and tranquility. Selva Verde features forty tastefully decorated rooms, five private bungalows and a huge Casano Suite for families and groups. Every accommodation here is cleverly created on raised wooden platforms (backed by walkways which are created to merge with the natural surroundings). Every room is equipped with two double or queen beds, screened windows (complemented by shutters) and private baths (with hot water).



Selva Verde Lodge


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Selva Verde Lodge
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