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Surf Costa Tours is a luxury surf retreat based in Playa Jaco, a perfect beach for surfers in Jaco, in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The camp is a private and luxurious sanctuary for surf enthusiasts offering premium services, great packages and excellent surf Surf Costa Tours 2 classes. Surf Costa Tours is built in the remote part of the town enveloped by nature an tranquility. The resort ensures privacy and security of all the guests to provide them an unforgettable and delightful respite. Besides surfing, the camp arranges plenty of other adventures. If you want, you can explore the entire Pacific coast of the country with a guide, go on various excursions such as waterfall tours, beaches, canopy tours, zip lining, sport fishing, horseback riding on the beach, rainforest hikes, sea kayaking, scuba diving and so many more things. Along with experiencing the tropical wonders, you will get to know a lot about the culture of Costa Rica. Surf Costa Tours proffers car rental service, provision of surfboard and surf gear, daily meals and lodging option. All the packages are completely customizable so guests can design their own vacation plan. Join Surf Costa Tours and be prepared to have a wonderful getaway in the exotic country.

Tours with Surf Costa

With Surf Costa Tours, get a chance to explore the various attractions of Costa Rica and experience new things. The camp is perfect for all sorts of vacationers, be it families with kids, couples on a sporty retreat, groups of friends or backpackers. Guests are allowed to plan their own itinerary according to their travel schedules and wishes. Surf classes are conducted by qualified surf instructors who give personalized attention to every student for proper learning.. The students are divided into three separate groups depending upon their surfing skills; namely beginner, intermediate and advanced groups. Students are provided with transport service, surfboards, surf gear and other necessary things during their stay. Apart from surfing, popular activities include waterfall trekking, canopy tours, kayaking, sportfishing many more.

Accommodations at Surf Costa Tours

Surf Costa Tours 3 For accommodations, Surf Costa Tours lodges travelers in one of charming guest houses encircled by immaculate garden blooming with verdant flora. The guest houses feature three spacious bedrooms, a modern fully stocked kitchen, a large bathroom with hot water supply and a lounge area. All the bedrooms come with balconies offering unobstructed views of the deep blue ocean and the vivid tropical jungle. The rooms are air conditioned and appointed with plush beds, TV set with cable and ceiling fans. The property is fully gated and has a great security system. During your stay at Surf Costa Tours, sleep to the sounds of mystical creatures, enjoy your deep slumber and wake to the sultry sunrise.

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Location: Playa Jaco, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 1 732 610 8420

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