Waterfall Rappelling in Costa Rica

If you’re looking for an extreme adventure like waterfall rappelling, then Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for you. With this extreme sport slowly growing more and more famous the world over, you get a chance to test just how far, long, low and high you can go.

Costa Rica is a world-renowned haven of caves, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and endless walking trails so if you think you got what it takes to get into waterfall rappelling in this coastal country, go ahead and dare.

What is Waterfall Rappelling?
Imagine descending through steep slopes and challenging cliffs, combining it with occasional small jumps and finishing it off by plunging yourself into the pool in the bottom of the waterfalls. Now that’s waterfall rappelling and all this with you merely tied into a series of ropes and pulleys.

This intense sport requires a good grip and hand and foot coordination. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin or muscularly strong, short or tall, young or old. Waterfall rappelling requires tremendous control and balance. On top of that, you have to be ready to get wet!

Waterfall Rappelling in Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers quite challenging terrains and trails, tall falls and slippery walls. These spots are good for waterfall rappelling and this country has a good number of places to test yourself through this extreme sport

The Arenal Area
This part of La Fortuna is not only known for the Arenal Volcano. Your journey begins by taking a 4×4 ride into the rainforests of La Fortuna. Once you’re there, your guide will carefully instruct you as to how you need to secure yourself with the ropes as well as the right way for you to descend into the falls.

This experience into the Lost Canyon starts you off with a 15-ft falls then leads you to venture into the 150-ft cascade. The biggest challenge is the 250-ft at the end of the descent.

Two tours for waterfall rappelling are available everyday and includes lunch as well.

Victoria Waterfalls
Taking off Rincon de la Vieja via a 45-minute horseback riding will lead you to the divine Victoria Waterfalls which the challenge of swinging through the falls is placed. Jumping into the Victoria Waterfalls is easy but try climbing back up the slippery walls if you’re up for it.

Manuel Antonio
The area surrounding Quepos, Manuel Antonio is also another waterfall rappelling spot. There are two falls you can choose from, one’s 45 meters high and the other is 55 meters high. If you’re done, you can enjoy a good lunch by the waters as you watch others try and swing through the falls.

San Jose
The capital of Costa Rica also challenges thrill seekers with its 180-ft cascade. There’s only about two feet separating your descent from the waterfalls so it’s pretty steep. If you’re up for more challenges, go for the daredevil bungee jump.

Osa Peninsula
Experience waterfall rappelling in Cabo Matapola in the Osa Peninsula with its 90-ft King Louis Waterfalls. Adrenaline seekers can enjoy this side of Costa Rica throughout July to December as the water flows.

If you’re in Costa Rica and want nothing less than the real thrill ride, make sure you find your spot to experience waterfall rappelling in this country. Push yourself to the limit as the falls grow bigger and bigger and the slopes get steeper and steeper.


Getting to Waterfall Rappelling Spots 

Since there are a lot of venues for this extreme sport, going on tours is the most advisable. If you’re in one of  San Jose’s hotels, there are minibuses that pick you up should you request so. If you’re taking a car, it’s good to follow the signs that will eventually lead to you waterfall rappelling spot of choice.



Places to Stay Near Waterfall Rappelling Spots 

Hotel Borinquen Mountain Resort

El Mono Loco

Hotel Presidente


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