The Rainmaker Aerial Walkway: Costa Rica’s First Aerial Canopy Tour

If you want to experience the panoramic views of Costa Rica’s vast vegetation in an entirely different level, then the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway is definitely for you. Imagine being on six suspended bridges that’s stretched for more than 800 feet and 25 stories high above the ground.

The Rainmaker Aerial Walkway is yet another first in Central America as it is the pioneer in aerial walkways in the region. It promises a unique opportunity to experience the wild, marvel at the towering trees, breath-taking waterfalls and so much more.

Located in Quepos, Manuel Antonio, the Rainmaker is about 540 hectares big and consists of a private reserve and forested slopes of Mt. Fila Chonta, just a few miles away from Pocares.

An Unusual Canopy Walk

The tour usually starts early in the day and off with a walk along the river of Rio Seco’s edge. You shouldn’t worry about your safety as hand rails and custom-made footpaths are made for you to be guided as you explore the immense forest. There are even observation platforms where you can stop and take photographs of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Just before you reach the aerial walkway, your hiking trail will lead you to divine waterfalls where you can soak and bask in the warm waters of the tropical forest.

Then comes the best part of the canopy tour: the rainmaker aerial walkway. You’ll be climbing several hundreds of steps to reach the first part of the elevated bridge. It is made of six suspension bridges and platforms tied to secure, massive hardwood trees built to fit US engineering parameters.

You’ll almost feel like you’re one of the birds permitting you the same view as theirs as you stand in awe at the natural beauty surrounding you.

This tour will cost you $65 for a half day and includes hotel transfers.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Come night time at around 7PM, you’ll feel as if you’re in a whole new dimension. Various species of reptiles and amphibians, each varying in appearance, color and sizes come out to wander around the wild. You could even be led to a frog habitat if you’d like. Headlamps are inclusive of the tour package so need to worry about dark pathways. This part of the tour ends at around 9PM.

This night tour is priced at $60.

Bird Watching

Considering the height the Rainmaker Aerial Walkway Canopy Tour can give you, it’s no surprise as to how many birds of different species you can spot while you’re here. For as early as 5:30AM, bird watching tours begin and end at around 9:30AM.

This day tour will cost you around $90, considering it starts pretty early.

Your fear of heights would soon be a thing of the past once you get on this walkway. The tropical beauty of the forest and the occasional sightings of monkeys freely moving from branch to branch as well as the colorful birds hovering freely above you would certainly make you forget as to how high above ground level you really are.


Getting There 

From San Jose:

Take the Costanera road on the pacific side of San Jose. Follow the road signs that will lead you to Quepos, Manuel Antonio, all the way past the town of Parrita. Turn left at past Parrita and simply follow the signs that will lead you to Rainmaker.


From Quepos/Manuel Antonio:

Signs that will lead you to Rainmaker are very visible in the town of Pocares. Turn right and continue following the signs and get to the entrance through San Rafael Norte Village.



Places to Stay Near Rainmaker 

Hotel Villa Romantica Quepos

Gaia Hotel & Reserve

Hotel Parador



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