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Third World Productions Surf Camp is a luxury surf retreat located in Jaco, a renowned surfer’s town in the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Third World Productions Surf Camp 2 Jaco is a tourist oriented surf town featuring a string of white sand beaches, consistent surf breaks, various kinds of accommodations and bars and several local attractions. It is an ideal town for sport enthusiasts. Third World Productions Surf Camp provides an amazing opportunity to surfers to spend a surf respite of their dreams. They offer comfortable accommodation options, healthy but delicious food, customizable surf packages, transport service, additional activities, yoga practice and an insight to Tico’s pura vida culture. Although Third World Productions mainly pursues surfing, the camp is not limited to it. The camp designs a dynamic vacation plan for their guests which includes plenty of other things as well. Indulge in tranquility of the tropical land, participate in lavish yoga retreats, enjoy getaways with your loved ones, go on raw food respite, join a fitness program and have adventurous tours with Third World Productions Surf Camp.


Third World Productions Surf Camp offers accommodations in a lovely boutique hotel called Hotel Poseidon. The hotel is fronted by a sublime panorama of Pacific Ocean and a stunning beach. All the rooms in the hotel are spacious and air conditioned. They are appointed with charming furnishings including a cozy bed, mini bar, large bathroom with hot water supply and a cabled television set. Guests are delighted to find a crystal clear swimming pool encircled by a polished garden outside. The pool is superb for hanging out, chilling and watching the tropical sunsets. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar where guests can enjoy scrumptious meals and refreshing beverages.

Surfing with Third World Productions Surf Camp

Third World Productions Surf Camp 3 Third World Productions Surf Camp offers surf sessions on the beach of Jaco. The lessons are given to people of all skills and are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced groups. The surf packages are 3 to 7 days long. The packages include surf classes, surf guide and expeditions, accommodation, free meals, transport and shuttle service, Yoga classes and a deep body massage therapy. For those of you who are looking to detoxify yourself should try the Raw Food Program. It involves a balanced diet of healthy foodstuff such as fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. If you wish to rejuvenate your body and mind, yoga and meditation package is perfect for you. Guests are free to customize their packages as they like.

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Location: Playa Jaco, Costa Rica
Phone Number: 1-305-851-3194
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