Top 5 Places for Nightlife



Though Costa Rica doesn’t have much sophisticated panache as many cosmopolitan countries have, yet it can still hold its own when it comes to celebrating nightlife. Some of the night street parties are a source of national pride and has become recognized all around the world such as Fiestas Palamares, an annual event that takes place only to Octoberfest and at the time of beer is drunk. Nightlife in this country is all about discos, DJs, local karaoke bar. If you want to enjoy nightlife, it is better to know about the places to go and also what to wear. There are a wide selection of bars and restaurants to explore throughout the evening and have fun with your friends or loved ones. Here goes top 5 places for nightlife in Costa Rica:


Jaco transforms into a mecca of grit and sleaze at night. There are many bars and restaurants you can visit at night and enjoy your favorite drink and enjoy fun time with your friends or partner. In Jaco, for enjoying the most amazing nightlife, you will have to go to the discos where you will find huge dance floors and also amazing sound systems that will make the nights more lively.

Playa del Coco:

After dark, this place becomes one of the liveliest beach towns. With the close proximity to the town’s central plaza, there are many bars which are ideal for enjoying fun time at night. Just before visiting the beach, you can go to a two block section of the main road into the town where you will find most of the events. just before you hit the beach. You can also go to the discos and casinos for making you night more enjoyable and memorable. In the surrounding area you will find some restaurants are widespread and also find many restaurants which may double as bars after nightfall.

Puerto Viejo:

For enjoying nightlife in Puerto Viejo, you don’t have to go to any particular bar. In this area the nightlife is as laidback as it gets. You can just grab a few beers from a convenient store and hang out on the streets downtown. You can meet new people but you should be careful for your safety and it is better not to take a large sums of money with you. While walking on the main road, you will listen the loudest music in the air and that’s where the night party is. On Sundays live bands and DJs take over the system and make the night more lively.

San Jose:

San Jose has many options to enjoy the nightlife and anyone from local people, tourists, college students to party-loving Tico, all will find everything to enjoy a memorable nightlife. There are plenty of interesting clubs, bars and a wide range of theaters, variety of lively discos and dance salons. In San Jose you will find plenty of places to hit the dance floor and there ‘Salsa’ and ‘Merengue’ are the main beats that move people. Many of the dance clubs, discos and salons also feature live music on the weekends. You can also visit Casinos with your friend and enjoy the game.


When the sun goes down, the nightlife in Tamarindo wakes up. You can go to a casino and try your luck. For having more fun, you can visit a disco and dance the night away or can also chill out at a live concert. In Tamarindo you will find always something happening as the locals informally designate one hotspot for each night of the week. There is never a lacking of late-night entertainment in this town. You can enjoy karaoke, clubbing, dancing and many more. While staying in this town, find great nightlife scene and after a great day enjoy a lively night.

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