Tortuga Island Adventure Cruise

Whether or not it is your first time cruising along white beaches and basking on the views of jungle covered hills, a Tortuga Island trip will definitely be on top of your list.

This ultimate Costa Rican cruise is famed for its Caribbean-like waters (although on the Pacific Coast) as well as the pristine Tortuga Island as the main destination. Apart from that, multitudes of diverse flora and fauna can be seen along the way, such as whales, dolphins, manta rays, and more.

The Tortuga Island Cruise Route

Boats and yachts depart from the port of Puntaneras and entails a smooth, steady ride, just enough time for sun bathing and sight-seeing.

The cruise can last for almost an entire day about 14 hours but will take you back in time for dinner. You’ll be enjoying the warmth of the sun, crystal blue waters of the Nicoya Gulf with occasional sightings of sea birds and dolphins.

The end of your cruise will take you to the Island of Tortuga most famous for its impeccable beach of relaxation, activities and unwinding.

Upon Arriving the Tortuga Island

The main attraction is Tortuga Island itself. Once you set foot on the divine, warm white sands of this beach, you’ll be welcomed with white umbrella shades and tables covered with white linens to accord an award-winning buffet-style lunch. Before you proceed on enjoying all that the Tortuga Island has to offer, relax for some time with white Chilean wine served in the island itself.

Afterward, it’s all up to you on how you’d like to spend the next four hours of your stay here.

Water activities such as swimming, kayaking, banana boat ride and snorkeling are all available for you to indulge in. if you want to stay on the shore, you can also have fun with the beach sports, hiking trails and canopy tours in the area. If you prefer utmost relaxation, you can just idle along the shore or lay down for a good sunbathing fix.

Calypso’s Manta Raya

This most famous super catamaran entitles you to the most luxurious Tortuga Island Cruise. Upon boarding, the white-clad crew will be of full and satisfactory service. The Manta Raya will pass through seven islands such as the Lucas, Gypsy, Sugar Loaf, Guayabo; Jesusita, Cedros and Negritos and finally Tortuga Island.

It will not be a drag once you’re aboard a great cruising boat such as the “Manta Raya”. Live music, fresh drinks, panoramic views an a multi-lingual guide are all within reach to keep you entertained.

The Tortuga Island Cruise promises to the most unforgettable one-day adventure of your life. So if you want to maximize this unique opportunity, make sure to bring your beach essentials: sun screen, light clothes, bathing suits, towels, hat and of course, your camera.


Getting There

If you’re planning on enjoying Tortuga Island, it’s easy enough to book from almost any of San Jose‘s prominent hotels, as well as anywhere near Puntarenas, the Nicoya Peninsula, etc, since Tortuga Island is in the Gulf of Nicoya. Usually, a bus or transport van will pick you up to take you to the Puntaneras Port. It won’t be a boring ride as sugar and coffee plantations, blankets of green and volcanic mountains provide perfect views along the trip. 



Places to Stay Near the Tortuga Island 

Alamar Apartotel

Hotel Vesuvio

Ensalada Lodge National Wildlife Refuge

Hotel Sto. Tomas


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