Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat

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Women’s Quest: Surf and Yoga Retreat is a surf, fitness and yoga adventure camp exclusively built for women by women. The respite is designed to allow vacationers to revivify themselves, rejuvenate their bodies, souls and Women's Quest Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat 2minds and to experience a vigorous and exciting getaway in the tropical land. The camp was founded 22 years ago by Colleen Can and since then it has been working hard to provide a wonderful, enriching and unparalleled retreat all women deserve to have once in a lifetime. The respite offers a balanced fusion of yoga, surfing, stand up paddling, meditation and numerous other adventures. The camp makes use of innovative, interactive and pioneering techniques that inspire and influence guests to learn new things, try out different activities and have fun. Women’s Quest has a cozy atmosphere and greets women of all ages, backgrounds and athletic skills. Discover yourselves and reach the new level by eating a balanced diet, practicing yoga and mediation and going on ventures like hiking, horseback riding, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and mountain biking and whatnot. In Costa Rica, it is located in Santa Teresa, in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula.

Women’s Quest in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Women’s Quest has many branches all around the globe. The camps in Sonama and Tuscany specialize in cycling and yoga adventures, the retreat in Peru is awesome for hiking and nature walks while the camp is Santa Teresa is wonderful for yoga, surfing and numerous other adventures. Playa Santa Teresa is a white sand beach popular for its beauty, sport opportunities and surf breaks. Fronted by the wild waves and shimmering shores, the beach is backdropped with teeming jungles and scenic forested hills. The beach is a great platform for all levels of surfers. Besides surfing, guests can enjoy stand up paddling, Eco walks in the jungles, bird watching, snorkeling, sportfishing and much Women's Quest Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat 1more in the town.


Women’s Quest accommodate their guests in Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat, an Eco-friendly oceanfront resort standing steps away from the luscious jungles and the sun kissed beach. The accommodations at Pranamar have a stylish and exotic design with some tropical touches. Guests can choose to live in villas, bungalows or the house. Amenities include air conditioners, fans, screens, and granite stone tubs, laptop size security safes, Wi-Fi and so much more. During the stay, vacationers are provided with healthy organic meals.

Contact Women’s Quest: Costa Rica Surf and Yoga Retreat

Location: Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Website: http://womensquest.com/retreats/costaRicaSurf2.htm
Phone Number: 303 545 9295
Email: colleen@womensquest.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Womens-Quest/114659411926947

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