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Agua Tibia Surf School is an environmental friendly surf school and surf workshop located in Playa Guiones, a beautiful beach in Nosara, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica. The camp is owned and managed by a group of local surfers who love the tropical waves and wish to share their knowledge with others. They are all Agua Tibia Surf School 2 professional and experienced surf instructors providing a high quality and fun filled surf retreat to surfers of all skills and levels. However, Agua Tibia Surf School is not just about surfing. Nosara is noted for its pristine beaches, consistent surf breaks and local attractions. The camp provides their customers a great opportunity to have a unique experience in the town. The surf school happily arranges accommodations for their guests, activities they want to try out and takes care of their other needs as well. The camp is rather affordable with a family oriented and casual atmosphere. Choose Agua Tibia Surf School for your surf getaway and have an extremely wonderful time.

Surf Lessons at Agua Tibia Surf School

At Agua Tibia Surf School, you will learn step by step and make a great progress in a very short time. The surf teachers are very patient and friendly with the students and keep encouraging them to try. The students are grouped according to their surfing skills into beginners, veterans and intermediates. Both private and groups lessons are available. For newbies, surf lessons begin with a theory class on the beach followed by demonstration and practicing. Basic information and steps such as ocean safety protocols, surf etiquette, paddling, standing up on the Agua Tibia Surf School 3 board, wave forecast, tide and currents, surf conditions and wave reading are taught thoroughly. After a theory class and practicing the moves on the beach, the students are allowed to enter the water to begin surfing. Classes for intermediates and veterans take place directly in the water. The sessions are 90 minutes long and surfboards and equipment are provided by the surf camp.

The Staff of Agua Tibia Surf School

Agua Tibia Surf School is owned and run by a bunch of professional surfers named Andrew Delgado Castro, Adrian Suarez Arce and Aminah Juni Cittadella Jacobsen. Other staff members include Cristian Santamaria, Rolando (Rolo) López and Danny (Pingui) Suarez. All of them been in the field for many years and they are highly skilled, efficient, cordial and quite professional. They ensure that students are learning properly and are having fun at the same time.

Contact Agua Tibia Surf School

Location: 50 meters west from The Beach Dog Cafe, Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica
Phone Number: (506) 2682-5508
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