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Butterfly Conservatory is a nature regeneration project based in El Castillo, a quiet town on the eastern end of Lake Arenal, Costa Rica. The project focuses on growth, study and preservation of tropical jungles and their species, particularly butterflies, in Arenal.

The conservatory features Costa Rica’s largest butterfly exhibition. There are six massive atriums that act as natural habitats for Butterfly Conservatory 2 butterflies, an insect museum, a ranarium, a plant regeneration nursery, an herb garden and many trails that run along the river through a botanical garden. Butterfly Conservatory offers educational and adventurous tours related to nature, butterflies, frogs, insects, plants and their life cycles. Moreover, it serves as a scientific and educational platform for students and volunteers under the supervision of biologists from the University of Costa Rica.

About Butterfly Conservatory

Glenn Baines, a retired engineer from United States, founded Butterfly Conservatory as a part of Rainforest Regeneration Project in 2003. On a trip to Costa Rica, Glenn was awestruck by the beauty and tranquility of Arenal. He witnessed a striking set of lava eruptions from Arenal Volcano that inspired him to stay and built a haven for butterflies. Glenn’s dream soon became reality and one of the best nature regeneration programs of Costa Rica came to life. Today, the center is home to the largest butterfly exhibition and is a great attraction for nature enthusiasts and tourists.

Butterfly Conservatory’s Educational Tours

Butterfly Conservatory offers you a perfect opportunity to observe nature up close. Go on a unique, fun filled and educational tour and learn about how nature works. There are over 30 species of butterflies, frogs that live within four different micro-climates Butterfly Conservatory 3 nearby Lake Arenal, numerous insects, various tropical plants, herbs and trees. At the conservatory, you get to learn about their existence, life cycle and fascinating ways of nature. The tours include trips to laboratories, reproduction greenhouses, frog habits, host plant gardens and orchid exhibition. If you want to see even more fauna and flora, venture out to Rainforest River Walk along Quebrada Mariposa, a beautiful creek that runs through the forest. There you can often catch glimpses of animals and birds like sloths, tayra, monkeys, or toucans and parrots. To take a virtual tour, visit Butterfly Conservatory’s website.

Butterfly Conservatory has several programs for students, volunteers and professors in many areas. These programs are related to nature, ecology, biology, water quality, diversity surveys and environmental studies. The conservatory is standing next to a natural reserve and rivers which makes studies, researches and surveys quite easy. The dream of Butterfly Conservatory is to make Costa Rica a carbon neutral country and to preserve its natural jewels.

Contact Butterfly Conservatory

Location: El Castillo, Arenal Volcano National Park, Costa Rica
Website: http://www.butterflyconservatory.org/
Email: info@butterflyconservatory.org
Phone Number: +506 2479 1149

Butterfly Conservatory in Arenal

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