Costa Rica’s Butterfly Farm: Bask in the Beauty of all that is Butterflies

The Butterfly Farm of Costa Rica isn’t only the oldest butterfly haven in the country but also one of the largest in the world. It is also the first to commercially release butterflies in the country.

Only 30 minutes away from San Jose in La Guacima, Alajuela, the Butterfly Farm is home to 10% of the world’s butterfly species. The guests are in for an entirely surprising adventure as there are just so many butterflies, ranging from the most peculiar looking to the smallest in size.


A Bit of History

The Butterfly Farm first opened in the year 1990, showcasing the first-ever butterfly exhibit in the whole of the Caribbean Islands and Latin America. Thanks to Joris Brinckerhoff and Maria Sabido, learning a lot more about these fascinating insects became more accessible for anyone who is interested.


Best Explored with Tour Guides

The tour around The Butterfly Farm will last for about two hours and it’s highly recommended to go there early in the morning to catch the unique opportunity of witnessing these beautiful creatures coming out of their chrysalides.

Experienced tour guides are highly suggested if you want to maximize your visit in the Butterfly Farm. These experts know their ‘butterfly’ stuff so expect to enjoy the entire tour because they can easily point out the different species of butterflies flying around or nesting on leaves–even discussing their life cycles is a piece of cake for them.


What to See and Do?

An introductory film which features all the basic concepts and lessons about butterflies is the first stop of the tour. A presentation exercising magnificent macro-photography and timing is witnessed in this film.

Over a thousand butterflies can be seen flying around the Butterfly Garden. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll get to see the Calico Butterfly, the only butterfly that can make a sound. The life cycle of butterflies is another priceless exposition one can catch. You don’t have to worry though, the guides are well-experienced to be able to point it out to you. You can also touch the legs of the butterfly to have first-hand in all the action.

The Laboratory inside the Butterfly Farm allows visitors to witness and study the life of a caterpillar and the amazing cycle of metamorphosis.

More adventures await visitors of the Butterfly Farm with its Gallery of Human Transformation where people have a shot at appreciating the lives of butterflies more and be moved by them. Before you end your journey, there’s a gift shop right around the corner where you can buy unique souvenirs inspired by these insects.

The Butterfly Farm is truly one of the world’s most amazing and life-changing butterfly sanctuaries in the world. Consider yourself very lucky if you get to visit the place. You’ll never find another one of this in your life.

Getting There 

The Butterfly Farm offers private buses three times daily to take you there if you’re coming from one of San Jose’s leading hotels. If not, taxi drivers know this world-renowned butterfly sanctuary so getting there won’t be a problem. Public buses coming from San Jose and Alajuela can also take you all the way to the Butterfly Farm.


Places to Stay Near the Butterfly Farm 

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