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Costa Rica Wave House is a splendid surf retreat based in a beautiful beach called Playa Negra in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. Playa Negra is regarded as one of the most popular beaches of Costa Rica. Ever since it has been featured in a surf cult movie, Endless Summer II, wave enthusiasts have been flocking to the beach to ride the superb waves.

Costa Rica Wave House 2 The surf camp offers an incredible opportunity for you to learn to surfing in the best surf spots with the best instructors. The surf camp organizes fun filled surf trips to Playa Negra, Playa Avellanas, Witch’s Rock and Ollie’s Point. The staff takes care of transport and surf equipment. The surf classes are for everyone; be it beginners, intermediates or veterans. Costa Rica Wave House features comfortable accommodations, deluxe amenities and a wonderful staff. Experience a surf respite of your dreams with Costa Rica Wave House.

Costa Rica Wave House’s Surf Expeditions

Costa Rica Wave House enables you to have an epic adventure bursting with thrill and fun. The camp has several programs and packages for avid surfers. Real Surf Trips, a surf program, is one of the best deals offered by the camp. It has surf classes, surf trips to numerous breaks along the Pacific coast, stand up paddling classes and yoga sessions. It is ideal for families, couples, large groups and basically anyone who loves to surf and wants to have a good time.

Costa Rica Wave House’s Accommodations

The surf camp’s charming house was completed in the year of 2009 after 2 years of hard work. Built with simplicity and elegance in mind, the house sprawls over an area of 3,800 sq ft and soars 18 feet high. The owners have spared Costa Rica Wave House 1 no expense in getting the house to look just right. It is enveloped by exotic gardens and is standing a few steps way from the dazzling ocean. Giving off a vibe of total relaxation and tranquility, the place is inviting, cozy and instantly makes vacationers feel at home. There are five large bedrooms and four full baths. All the bedrooms have been appointed with comfortable furniture and ornate. The house has two kitchens which are installed with contemporary and functional equipment allowing guests to prepare their own food whenever they fancy it. There are three expansive living rooms with airy atmosphere where you can hang out, watch television, listen to music on the stereo system and have fun with your loved ones. Outdoor features include a swimming pool and a poolside bar. The entire house is air conditioned and offers free wireless internet service. Enjoy a holiday packed with luxuries, adventures and fun at Costa Rica Wave House.

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