Roca Bruja: Costa Rica’s Ultimate Surf Spot (Witch’s Rock)

Witch's Rock Surf Camp Situated in Guanacaste, Roca Bruja or Witch’s Rock has been repeatedly praised as a world-class surfer’s spot. Those who want to experience the ‘gnarliest’ breaks come to this surfing haven just off the Playa Naranjo beach in Santa Rosa National Park. Deriving its name from the legend of a witch living on the rock, Roca Bruja offers more than just its interesting name.

One thing that makes this surfing spot special is its location. Where it sits continues to make this place less crowded and looking more natural than other surf spots. With unfriendly, almost-impassable roads, recurring rains and wild animals on the loose, getting there is what everyone generally calls as delayed gratification.


The Waves of Witch’s Rock

Witch’s Rock is a surf spot for all surfer levels. With its sea bottom being sandy, it makes it less dangerous for surfers. Quality waves are promised by Witch’s Rock. Tuberiding is best on off shore winds from March to December. Those who want higher waves can go for the on shore season between the months of May to November. Surfers who’ve experienced Witch’s Rock recommend better surfing on high tide as well.

Waves range from 50-150 meters high and sometimes reaches 300 meters–a good day for any surfer.

Witch’s Rock has been hailed as having one of the greatest breaks that await any surfer of any level. This is yet another reason why Costa Rica is a famed tourist attraction. It is paradise for all who want to experience surfing at its finest.


Getting There

There are only two ways to get to Witch’s Rock: either by 4×4 or by boat through Santa Rosa National Park.

If you prefer to go by 4×4, you will encounter some of the most dangerous roads in the whole of Costa Rica. It takes professional, well-experienced and preferably local drivers to get you through the boulders, rocks and poisonous insects and animals. 13 miles of pain-staking trail awaits anyone who’d rather drive to get to Playa Naranjo beach.

More surfers and local guides prefer the second option: getting a charter boat. Playas Del Coco, the largest village in Guanacaste is 25 minutes away from the Liberia International Airport and house Coco Beach. This famous beach offers chartered 45-minute boat rides going to Witch’s Rock. Apart from the dangers of traveling by land and encountering rocky roads, this means of getting to this popular surf haven gives a better chance for a view of the vast, clear and crystal blue waters of Costa Rica.



Places to Stay In

Other surfers who are on a budget trip and solely want to invest on the surfing choose to camp out. The camping site is about a mile away from Witch’s Rock Another place where you can camp is in Santa Rosa National Park which only includes a shower area. It is highly recommended to one, bring along with you a lot of supplies and two, beware of the howler monkeys at night and raccoons that may just get the food you left inside your tent.

If you want a safer, more luxurious way of experiencing the waves of Costa Rica, The Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is one of the most recommended places to not only stay but also learn how to surf. It’s located directly on the beach and includes 18 room hotels to choose from, two restaurants and a surf shop.



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