Costa Rica Yoga Spa

A place created for individuas are looking forward for a relaxing vacation where not only your mind but also your heart, body and soul are a peace. Costa Rica Yoga Spa is just the place for you to be.

Costa Rica Yoga Sp

Nestled between the magical waters of the Rio Montaña and Rio Nosara and awe-inspiring Refugio National Silvestre Vida Ostional National Park, Costa Rica Yoga Spa enjoys the breathtaking beauty of Costa Rica’s Gold Coast of Guanacaste. Enrich your soul by joining one of our guided meditations and treating yourself to a massage or body treatment with one of our therapists. We offer you to come and  experience the beauty, peacefulness and calmness when you’re senses and nature are blended in harmony.


Costa Rica Yoga Spa

  • Jungle Lodge
  • Yoga Rancho
  • Organic Gardens
  • Spectacular River Basin and Pacific Views
  • Fresh Water
  • Abundant Wildlife
  • Grounds, Hiking Trails and Waterfall



  • Canopy Tour (Zip-Line)
  • Kayaking
  • Horseback Tour
  • Magical Mystery Tour
  • Ostional Turtle Nesting and Hatching
  • Quad Tours/Rental
  • Salsa Lessons
  • Sibu Monkey tour
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding
  • Surf Lessons
  • Surf Trip to Marbella or Camoronal
  • Fishing
  • Private Yoga Sessions
  • Gyrocopter Rides


From Liberia International Airport to Costa Rica Yoga Spa

From the airport exit take a right on to the main highway. Drive about an hour keeping on the same road. You will pass through the towns of Filedelfia, Belen, and Santa Cruz. After Santa Cruz you will see signs for Nicoya. Take a right into Nicoya. Once in Nicoya, straight down the main road right through the center of town. You’ll stay on this road for nearly 30 kilometers. Be aware, there are two unmarked speed bumps about 5km south of Nicoya.
After driving about 30 – 40 min you’ll see a gas station on your left. Immediately after the gas station, the main road turns to the left and you’ll see a sign for Nosara on your right. Slow WAY down and turn onto this road. From here you’ve got about 25km on a gravel road. The road is occasionally graded, so depending on its condition the drive should take between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.
After about 10km, the road comes to a T intersection where you’ll see signs for Nosara. Turn right and continue on your way. When you reach Playa Garza, you will come into Playa Guiones and see businesses like Coconut Harry’s Surf Shop and National Car Rental.  You are still a bit south of Nosara at this point. After a few more kilometers, you’ll see signs for Playa Pelada, continue straight ahead towards the village of Nosara. On the right hand side you will see a large gas station, take your next left, a ½ mile after the gas station. You will see a sign for Ostional or Playa Ostional and also a sign for Costa Rica Yoga Spa. Continue on this road. You will cross a bridge and take a right immediately after the bridge. You will see a sign for Costa Rica Yoga Spa here as well. Follow this road until you come to another “T”, take a left there.
About 400 meters down this road is our entrance on the right. You will see our sign and a black iron gate and a wall with Mayan type design on it. Go up the drive on your left you will see our reception office please stop there to check in. If it is after hours and no one is there continue up the drive all the way to the top and follow the sign for drop off.
For more information on tours and packages you may visit the website link given below:
506-2682-0192/ 2682-0192/2682-5212
International Toll Free:
1-888-533-6461 Emergencies: 8815-1380 (Ashley)

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