El Establo Monteverde Hotels & Resorts Costa Rica

A beautiful place to have loads of fun with family and friends. A hotel and resort two in one where you can enjoy the amazing food as well as the beautiful enviroment. It also brings in a touch of nature. Nestled in the misty cloud forest of Monteverde, El Establo offers the best quality services that will make your trip an

El Establo Monteverde Hotel Costa Rica

unforgettable experience: The area`s best view, heated indoor pools, spa, restaurants, café-bars, special events center, internet access, souvenirs shop, tennis court, basketball court, mini soccer court, hiking trails, canopy tour and the most charming staff.


  • Canopy Tour
  • Night Walk


El Establo Monteverde Hotel Costa Rica

From Puntarenas: There are two buses to Monteverde. A 1:00 PM bus (via Las Juntas) passes by La Irma at 2:30 PM arrives in Monteverde at 5:00 PM. A 2:00 PM direct bus passes by Sardinal at 3:00 PM and arrives in Monteverde at 5:00 PM.

From La Fortuna (Arenal Volcano): A bus leaves at 8:00 AM for Tilarán. This ride takes 3 hours. From Tilarán, the bus to Monteverde leaves at 1:00 PM and arrives in Monteverde at 3:30 PM (although it takes longer during the wet season). In total, the bus ride from La Fortuna to Monteverde takes 8 hours (during the dry season; longer in the wet season). There are, however, alternative ways to get between these destinations.

By Car

From San Jose

el establo ziplining Get onto the Pan-American Highway going north. This will take you through Alajuela towards the town of San Ramon. Continue north through Miramar and keep an eye out for a restaurant called the “Caballo Blanco.” see a sign the right side of the road. Here, there will be signs on the right for Monteverde, Sky Trek and Selvatura. Follow these signs towards a turnoff along the right side that is just beyond a gas station. The road is paved for a few kilometers and then turns into a dirt road. From here on out, the road is bumpy and windy and continues to go up. Stay along this road and follow the signs to Monteverde (including signs to Sky Trek and Selvatura). Eventually, you will pass a cemetery. 30 minutes past this cemetery. This trip will take around 3.5 hours.

From Arenal: Get onto the road that leads away from La Fortuna and towards the Arenal Volcano. Driving around the north side of the volcano, you will pass several hotels. Continuing on this road, you will cross the ICE Dam. Stay along this same road for another hour and a half. As you make your way around Lake Arenal towards Tilarán, the road is windy. Once you get through Tilarán, follow the signs towards Santa Elena and Monteverde. You will pass many signs for hotels and canopy tours; keep going until you come to a large plaza with a soccer field on the right side. Continue straight, and when the road splits, take a right to head into downtown Santa Elena. This trip will take around 4 hours.

From Liberia: From Liberia, take the Pan-American Highway south towards San José. Along the way, you will pass through Bagaces and then Cañas. Continue on for approximately 25 minutes until you see the entrance to “Las Juntas.” Turn left here and proceed for an hour and a half until you get Monteverde. Alternatively, instead of taking the Las Juntas turnoff, you can continue further south to the entrance of Sardinal and then turn left. This route takes slightly longer, but the road conditions are much better. This trip will take around 3 hours.

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