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An experiential semester or year “on” which is usually taken after high school or before starting graduate school is called a Gap Year. It’s taking a break between high school and college/university to work, think and pursue something other than academics. Gap Year is an excellent opportunity for the students to apply their academic learning to real-life problems or practical situations where the instructor directs and facilitates learning.

Originated in UK in early 1970’s, Gap Years is a way to address academic burnout and leave the comfort zone for the students. While students in Europe and Australia are quite familiar with the concept of Gap years, for students in Americas it’s still relatively a new concept. However, Gap Year is getting popular among the American students and each year more and more American students are getting prepared for college by taking a gap year and a break from formal education.

Consistently on bucket lists for travelers around the world, Costa Rica has something for everyone, from its breathtakingly beautiful beaches to rejuvenating rainforests. That’s why Costa Rica has become one of the most popular destinations for Gap Year travel. Whether you want an amazing adrenaline adventure, an awesome under water journey, an exhilarating gap year in rainforest or an astonishing journey across the beaches, explore every corner of the Costa Rica on a gap year you’ll never forget! But don’t forget that each part of Costa Rica has its own uniqueness and offerings. So not every region is perfect for Gap Year travel. Santa Teresa, Montezuma, Samara, Uvita, and Pavones are the best Gap Year travel destinations in Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa:

Santa Teresa, a booming travel destination in southern tip of Costa Rica’s westernmost peninsula, is one of the beach villages that rank top in the nation for its positive outlook. So it’s no wonder that this laid-back town attracts the younger crowds. The endorphins are flowing in Santa Teresa, one of the Costa Rica’s top cities for healthy living.  In the last couple of years, Santa Teresa has blossomed into a booming Gap Year travel destination.

montezuma Montezuma:

What makes a city particularly suited to ‘youth travel’? Pristine beaches, virgin jungle, affordable lodging, tasty food…the list goes on and on. Nestled into a landscape of true tropical paradise, Montezuma has all these! This picturesque small village in Costa Rica is one of the favorite places among the youth as this part of the country is more remote and a bit difficult to get to. As it’s little difficult to get to, it’s not overly crowded. That’s why it has become a popular destination among the students looking for a Gap Year destination.

Barra-Honda-Caves Samara:

Located on the Nicoya Peninsula’s western shore, Samara is a small sunny town famous for its beautiful and safest beaches. Safety, beach resort community and breathtaking beaches made Samara a perfect choice for Gap Year travelers. Samara offers a long list of things to experience. This list includes but not limited to hanging out at the beach, visiting Werner-Sauter Biological Reserve, enjoying Belen Waterfall, Diving and Snorkeling, and Horseback Riding. Another great thing about Samara is that Gap Year travelers will find a range of hotels for all budgets.

uvita Uvita:

Pristine and picture-perfect, Uvita is worth traveling for. Uvita is best for someone looking for a less crowded Gap Year vacation. For Gap ear travelers, Uvita is a town that offers an escape from the academic rat race. Uvita’s  unspoiled, serene atmosphere, a perfect patch of sand, and  serene blue sea attract young crowd from every corner of the world.

pavones Pavones:

On the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica you will find a small community, Pavones. This small town is a surfer’s paradise. Pavones is one of the best places to enjoy rustic Costa Rica. Located on the Golfo Dulce-Pavon Bay, Pavones is a quiet beach community. But don’t get confused! Suring is not the only thing you can do at Pavones. There are lot more thing including Yoga, Tubing down the Rio Claro, Fishing, Horseback riding, Biking, Hiking, Bird watching and many more.

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