Golfito: Costa Rica’s “Little Bay”

Golfito is Costa Rica’s little port city and is blessed with majestic mountains and thick vegetation with trees being one of the tallest in the whole of Central America. It is also surrounded by the stunning Golfo Duce–one of the deepest gulfs in the world.

Used to be a prosperous trading area of bananas and other goods, Golfito is now mainly a take-off point to get to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica as well as a place for water sports and sportfishing.


Golfito used to be the most important port in the southern area of Costa Rica. It was established by the United Fruit Company in the 1930’s and the country’s trading business was booming. Come year 1985, an economic depression hit Golfito because of banana diseases, tax issues and labor conflicts. The United States then relocated their headquarters and turned the port town back over to the Costa Rican Government.

To revive the economy, a duty-free shopping zone was initially established in the city. It drew locals and tourists alike because of its low-priced commodities and luxury items. Golfito then ventured into ecotourism, flourishing beaches and water sports to get back on their feet.

Tourist Attractions

Golfito is steadily moving its way up to the realm of tourism and more often than not, tourists who come here will be surprised as to how many activities and places they can do and go to once they’re here.

Golfito Wildlife Refuge

Golfito Wildlife Refuge is located in a heavily-rugged of lush vegetation and dense forests. It is one of the wettest places in the world, bringing an average rainfall of 150-200 inches each year. Hiking trails from Golfito make it easy to get to this sanctuary dedicated to protect the beach areas and forests of the town.

Playa Zacundo

This beach is near Golfito, just along the Southern Pacific coast and is still one of the virgin, undiscovered beaches of Costa Rica. It’s a 6-mile stretch of warm blue waters of the Golfo Duce, surrounded by almond and palm trees. If you’re in the area and want to be away from the flocks of tourists on the beach, this uncrowded paradise is a perfect place for you.

Playa Cacao

This beach is a boat ride away from the city of Golfito and is also enveloped by evergreen forests. If you don’t want to ride a water taxi, you can also walk or drive preferably a 4WD off the dirt road to get you there.

Avellana Waterfalls and Trails

This place is owned the by the humble Gambo family, even serving the guests lunch after a 2-hour hike. This nature sanctuary leads you to a mesmerizing forest waterfall with pools where you can bask yourself in. Canopy rides, zip-lining and horseback riding are also available as well as camping.


Golfito is one of the best places to catch marlin or sailfish possibly worth a world record. Roy’s Zacundo Lodge is said to offer the best sportfishing spot, holding 40 world records under its belt. The best time to sportfish is between the months of Noember to May during the dry season of the country.


Getting There 

Golfito is about 340 kilometers south of San Jose, located in the province of Puntarenas. This narrow strip of along Golfito Bay can be reached by car or bus. If you prefer to rent a private car to take you there, services are available in the capital.



Places to Stay  

La Purruja Lodge

Mar y Luna Hotel

Hotle Casa Roland Golfito

Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

Fish Hook Marina & Hotel


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