Golfo Dulce Lodge

Golfo Dulce eco-lodge is among top ten Costa Rican Hotels. Why? It is because of the up-gradation of natural, cultural and social resource management in recent years. It is Swiss owned and surrounded by the primary rainforest of the Piedras Blancas National Park; the remote Golfo Dulce Lodge is an amazing experience to visit because it can only be reached by a boat ride which takes approximately 30 minutes more or less. Golfo Dulce Lodge

The lodge offers various hikes passing by different eco-systems, boat tours to the mangroves of the Esquinas River, kayaking and more. It is mainly conserved for unique species of animals, birds and plants. Within the premises of the lodge, bird specialists have explored 340 species. There have also been a number of documentary films on the wildlife of the mammals.

Golfo Dulce Lodge has earned 4 out of 5 “leaves” for Sustainable Tourism in terms of rainforest conservation, sustainable practices and social engagement by The Costa Rican Tourism Institute (Certification for Sustainable Tourism – CST).


Golfo-Dulce-Lodge There are two categories, the Deluxe and the Standard. Deluxe consist of bungalows, constructed from wooden pieces well-furnished containing all everyday necessities, like warm water, toilet, shower. An add-on to this is a large private veranda that has a hammock and rocking chair. The standard ones comprise of the same but lesser in space. Also the resting areas in the veranda face either jungle edge or a small freshwater pool.

In the lodge are restrooms as well for immediate guests or customers who walk in after a swaying boat ride.


The ceiling is covered with bamboo rods, making a beautiful and organic ambience. In the restaurant are served delicious meals with natural ingredients.

Rates and packages depend on the season. Usually during winter and spring season the rates are quite high. Low season hits around May to October.

How to get there:

Golfo Dulce Lodge

Golfo Dulce Lodge

By Air: There are two domestic airlines SANSA or Nature Air that fly from San Jose to Golfito or to Puerto Jimenez. Flight duration varies from 45-50 minutes to an hour. Once in Golfito or Puerto Jimenez there’ll be a cab available that travels to restaurant Samoa del Sur. For arranging air travel please visit: or

Private vehicle: drive from (San Jose to Golfito – 7 hours): due to Golfo Dulce lodge’s remote location and its accessibility via a boat ride there isn’t a valid route connection. Once arrived in Golfito, head to Samoa del Sur restaurant where the lodge boat will be waiting for you on a pre-set time schedule.

Public bus transport: (Tracopa) departs from San Jose to Golfito; journey ranges from 4-7 hours.

From Golfito: Once you arrive in Golfito using any mode of transportation head to the restaurant Samoa del Sur for the boat transfer, which is along the scenic coastline to the lodge site on Playa San Josecito.

From Puerto Jimenez: From the docks at the public harbor you can hire a boat directly to Golfo Dulce Lodge.


Tel:  +(506) 8821-5398 (due to its remote location, electronic transmission connectivity will have disruption)
Fax: +(506) 2775-0573

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