Great places for nature-enthusiasts in Costa Rica


Situated between two continents and oceans, Costa Rica boasts private reserves and natural parks that cover a quarter of the country and the most highly concentrated biodiversity on the planet. Nature-enthusiasts who are ready to unplug and enjoy some of the most diverse habitat, rare birds, plants and nesting turtles, they will find Costa Rica a perfect destination. In each of the region of this country you will discover very different ecosystems and abundant habitats including many unique species. Costa Rica has a lot to offer for everyone. It is a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy some quality time in exploring the natural beauty and also for those who want to have thrilling adventure activities. There are many places to enjoy spotting different species of colorful birds. People who are interested to enjoy some water activities like snorkeling, sailing, surfing, scuba diving or fishing, watching whales breaching the surface of the Pacific or just want to spend some tranquil time lazing on the beach and watching amazing sunset, the will also find Costa Rica as an amazing place. Here goes some of the great places for nature-enthusiasts in Costa Rica:


Arenal Volcano located within the 29,960-acre area and it is considered as one of the most notable natural features in Costa Rica. Since 1968, Arenal Volcano National Park produces massive explosions, ash columns and streamers of glowing molten rock almost daily. the surrounding area you will find romantic restaurants, luxurious hotels, man’s recreation of the Garden of Eden, Tabacón Hot Springs and many more. In 2010 the eruptions of the volcano have paused but it is still an amazing destination that attracts tourists every year. In the surrounding area you can enjoy a variety of excursions and activities such as hiking, whitewater rafting, canopy tours, waterfall rappelling and many more.


Monteverde is an ecotourism hot spot. With its cool, misty cloudforest and deep green foliage this area home to a string of volcanoes, both active and dormant, beautiful national parks. Early in the morning nature lovers will enjoy walking around and listening the bird singing, long trees hung heavy in the broad bromeliads, hanging moss and vines and flowering orchids. In the Santa Elena and Monteverde you can enjoy a variety of activities such as canopy tours. During this tour while swinging from one tree to another with the hanging cable, you will enjoy a thrilling adventure as well as explore the beauty of the area from a birds eye view.

Manuel Antonio:

Manuel Antonio is one of the popular destinations for enjoying eco-tourism. Located on the central Pacific coast, close to the Quepos, Manuel Antonio is well known for its monkeys. There are a lot of monkeys including the endangered squirrel monkeys in the national park of the area. It is an amazing place for the nature lovers as well as for the beach goers.


Corcovado National Park  is the home to a huge population of scarlet macaws and also include various endangered species and abundant plantations. It contains the remaining old wet forests in Central America and includes at least 13 major ecosystems.


Located in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma is a perfect travel destination, especially for those who want to avoid mega resorts and traffic. Here one can enjoy an unforgettable beach trip as well as a postcard-like jungle beach experience. Montezuma is called as ‘Montefuma’ by the locals. It is a small laid-back beach town boasting a chill environment and beautiful beaches. Nature lovers who want to enjoy watching the beauty of the southern part of the Peninsula de Nicoya, they will find this beach town as a perfect base. This area offers a perfect thick blend of ethnicity, culture and flavor.


Jaco is one of the country’s most developing cities in Costa Rica. Playa Jaco is the closest beach to San Jose. Nature lovers and surf lovers will find this area a perfect place for enjoying a memorable vacation. In this area you will find restaurants, bars, bar, post office and many more. There are national parks and reserves where you can enjoy exploring amazing natural beauty and also enjoy a variety of adventure and fun activities.

Cahuita and Puerto Viejo:

People who are seeking a place to spend a few days of easy living close to the nature, they can visit Cahuita. In this small village you can see everything by walking around. You can visit the Playa Negra beach, a black sand beach absolutely perfect for lounging or enjoy a leisurely swim. You can also go to the Cahuita National Park that has a white-sand beach inside. Located in the province of Limon, Puerto Viejo is a small coastal town. With its white-sand beaches and exotic flora and fauna, Puerto Viejo is a melting point of several Costa Rican cultural influences. It is just an ideal location for laying back and enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Costa Rica.


Tortuguero, a secluded island, is situated in an isolated part of Costa Rica. As there are no roads to reach Tortuguero, it can only be reached by boat that you can from near the port town of Limon, Moin. Tortuguero National Park is well known as one of the most important breeding sites of the Green sea turtles. This park boasts marshy lands, lush rainforest, wide open canals with crocodiles and also has long stretches of beach. This place is rich in biodiversity and offers plenty of options to enjoy a variety of activities.


Dominical, a chilled-out beach town, is situated about 27 mi (44 km) south of Quepos. In this area you will enjoy watching a scenic landscape full of small coves for truly precious views. Playa Dominical is just like a paradise for the surfers. Not only the surfers but also the nature lovers will love to spend some tranquil time at the beach and watching the beautiful sunset as well as listening the sound of the waves. Surrounded by plantations, estuaries, mangroves and marshes, this laid back beach town is an ideal location for enjoying a memorable vacation.


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