Hotel Grano de Oro

The word Grano de Oro is derived from Costa Rican descent which means “grain of gold”. Hotel Grano de Oro was

Grano de Ora

Grano de Oro

formerly founded in December 1991, consisting of 21 rooms, a gift shop and a modest cafe type restaurant. The hotel is located in San Jose, Barrio Don Bosco. Its history dates back to a Canadian couple who lodged in Costa Rica quite often and started to invest in the hotel business, upon acquiring a building belonged to Pozuelo family they started their venture thus Grano de Oro was born. By December 1994 another piece of land was purchased by the couple and room capacity was extended to 34 rooms, plus a terrace and 2 jacuzzis were made. Today, the hotel stands with a total of 40 rooms, 22 vehicles car park, spacious reception and lobby area.

Cuisine has a mixed blend of Costa Rican tropical with European dishes. For beverage, a separate bar area dedicated for wines, cocktails, specialty coffees, martinis, champagne and other classic drinks.

Surprisingly, this hotel also caters concierge system for customers. So if you’re interested in learning the history of the city and would like to do it on foot then San Jose Walking Tour is the answer for you. Covers the history and provides an opportunity to explore the ancient ruins; walk through the capital to discover. During the tour, you can carry cameras for photos and discover Costa Rican artistic exploration, and traditional food.

There are lots of more tours and activities that Grano de Ora offers:

These are just a bunch of activities and amenities that this hotel offers

Directions to the hotel:

Grano de Ora

Grano de Ora

From the international airport Juan Santamaria take road #1 follow signs of San Jose. After driving on road #1 you’ll arrive at an intersection to identify you’re on the correct track, look at your right for Nissan Dealership and La Sabana park, head straight on the intersection. Take a left at the first signal this will get you to Paseo Colon, keep on driving 7 blocks unitl you see Pizza Hut on your left. Take right from here, skip two blocks take a right again, skip 1 block and another right this will finally board you to the floor of Grano de Ora.

Phone: (506) 2255-3322
Fax: (506) 2221-2782

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