KOKi Beach: Nothing But Good Vibrations in Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo is well-known for its beaches that give that Caribbean slash Jamaican vibe which never fails to put everyone on a good note. KoKi Beach is Puerto Viejo’s pride, famous worldwide for its creatively-designed beach house and restaurant, affordable rates, chill ambiance as well as the homey welcome any tourist would like to feel whenever they go to a foreign land.

Treasure in Trash
KOKi Restaurant Beach is owned by Jorge Polanco and Chris Ericsson and was designed by Steven Silvestri. An interesting about this Limon paradise is that it started as an old wooden house and still is–only it has expanded. An even more fascinating fact is that they used recycled, reusable and almost close-to-trash materials to build this place that is now flocked by beach bums and party goers alike.

Stones, reused and scattered woods, lamps made of glass bottles, windows and doors made to become tables and other common but innovative materials and ways all merged together for KOKi Beach to become what it is today.

It was said that this restaurant beach was a product of an economic crisis but vied for a sustainable and eco-friendly construction.

For the Love of Nature
A lot of the materials used to build KOKi Restaurant Beach came from nature. In order to minimize the noise pollution as well as the amount of dust coming in and around, there are tall trees and an endemic barrier surrounding the area. You’ll be seeing a lot of plants and trees around the spot to give you the feel of a cleaner, environmental-friendly and cool vibe that you’re looking for in a perfect vacation by the beach.

Checking out the Place–and the People
Tourists who came here, come back for more. They highly suggest that even before you check out the menu or the people playing music, dancing or just chilling by the beach, you have to take a look around and bask in the colorful beauty of KOKi Beach. Considering as to how much work the owners and designer put this beach on the map, you won’t be disappointed because the place itself is a sight to see indeed.

Three Tips and More
There are three things you don’t want to miss out when you go to KOKi Beach: the happy hour, the yucca chips and the grass-fed steak.

Their happy hour starts at 5PM and ends at 7PM. The yucca sticks are a must-try and even best when mixed with their guacamole. Their grass-fed steaks are scrumptious and a perfect match with your beer as you chill and wait for the sun to set. Their seafood combinations and skewers are also top favorites for diners in this famed restaurant.

KOKi Beach has been often coined channeling Miami Beach but it’s a lot more than that. Once you’re there, you’re guaranteed to be mesmerized by the surroundings, drawn to the warm and beautiful people enjoying their drinks and food and the stunning beach where you can kick back, watch people have fun and join in the merry-making.

If you’re in Costa Rica and you want nothing more than a simple, friendly, welcoming and an unforgettable place to go to, then KOKi Beach is the spot for you.


Getting There 

KOKi Beach is located in Frente el mar centro de Puerto Viejo, Avenida 71 & Calle 219. Buses from San Jose can take you to your exact destination in Puerto Viejo. Some private charters even do hotel pick-ups. It’s going to be a four-hour drive with 2 routes available but you can also fly from San Jose to Limon and take a short bus  or taxi ride to get you there.



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