Most Adventurous Tours in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is a holiday paradise for the adventure seekers with its active volcanoes, rainforests and pristine beaches. Though this country is relatively small in size, it offers plenty of options to choose from. Here you can enjoy offers an extraordinary range of activities such as discovering hidden waterfalls, walking amongst the rainforest canopy, soak in natural hot springs, cave exploration , white water rafting, canyoning,  surfing, hiking, mountain biking,  and many more.  With the help of local guide you can enjoy exploring the country’s diverse landscape and enjoy having thrilling adventure experience. Here goes a list of some of the most adventurous tours in Costa Rica:

Visiting Barra Honda Cave in Guanacaste (spelunking):

Before 1960 everyone thought Barra Honda Cave was a volcano and that’s why it wasn’t discovered and studied.  When the bats made sound inside the cave, it was mistaken the sound of rumbling volcanic activity and their smell was considered as the smell of volcanic sulfur. There are 42 caves among which only 19 have been explored and it is found that only one of those caves is safe enough for public visit. If you want to enjoy a day tour with adventure and mystery, you can visit that cave. After taking instructions about safety and taking a helmet, headlight and other necessary equipment, you can start your tour. When you will enter the cave and go further and further down the ladder and deep inside the cave, you will find it darker and darker. You can enjoy touching and watching wonderful stalagmites, stalactites, and other artistic limestone formations as you explore the caves using your hands and feet to slide along the smooth stone cave walls. In that cave you will find a series of rooms and enjoy an authentic cave experience by your way through some and ducking down into others. This adventurous underground exploration tour will make you feel a lifetime thrilling experience.

Scuba Diving with bull sharks:

People who want to enjoy watching sharks up close in their natural habitat, they can go for scuba diving with bull sharks in Costa Rica. Its tropical waters make and ideal location for both sharks and divers. In Costa Rica, thirty miles off the coast of Playa Ocotal at Islas Murcielagos, known as Bat Island is the best location of the country to enjoy scuba diving with bull sharks. Nestled off the tip of Santa Rosa National Park, this magical island is void of all human life except for a lone ranger station and environmentalists. For the advanced divers, this island has become a hot spot due to its deep sites, crystal clear visibility and a host of large sea species. You can visit the site “The Big Scare” where you will closer to the bull shark and experience your heart pounding. If you want to enjoy experiencing this thrilling adventure, you can go for the tour during the rainy season between May and November when the waters are calmer and rain drives sharks closer to the shore.

Crocodile Tour:

You will enjoy this tour on the Tarcoles River in the Central Pacific Costa Rica. During this tour you will get the opportunity to enjoy watching American crocodiles of all sizes from a close view. You will also spot beautiful colorful birds. The Jungle Crocodile Safari is situated only two hours from San Jose. If you go for Jungle Crocodile Safari tour, you will get the opportunity to watch the most amazing ecosystem of the country. You can go with a bilingual guide who will give you information about the crocodile and will also help you to spot them. A huge population of crocodiles live in the Tarcloes river that is one of the most polluted waterways in the Central America.

Night hike in Monteverde:

In Monteverde from most of the hotels you can reach the wildlife Refuge Monteverde with a short drive. Its location is between the dry forests and cloud forests that make this refuge rich in its bio-diversity. This forest comes alive after the sun set so it is the best time to go for a night hike at night with a group. You will have to take flashlight to find your way through the windy forest trails. With the help of experienced guides you can visit the spots where the wild animals regularly come. And then you can hike deeper into the forest. If you are interested in learning about the nocturnal life of the forest, the night tour is the best way. You can spot cute Kinkajous, mammals like sloths, olingos and monkeys. You can also spot other night creatures such as tarantulas, snakes, frogs and amazing insects.

Waterfall rappelling:

Waterfall-Rappelling-in-costarica If you go for waterfall rappelling tour, you will enjoy discovering some of the Costa Rica’s most magnificent landscapes. It is a safe and exciting activity that also known as canyoning. This activity involves a controlled descent down a rock face using a secured rope and you will descent down within boundaries of a waterfall. This activity will make you feel a thrilling adventure. This tour is usually added to other adventure activities like white water rafting, zip lining, horseback riding and many more. You can take help from a professional trainer.

Whitewater Rafing in the Pacuere river:

Located on Costa Rica’s Caribbean slope, the Pacuare River’s headwaters is on the Atlantic slope in the Talamanca mountain range.  This white water runs about 68 miles until reaching the Caribbean Sea on the country’s central coast. In Costa Rica Pacuare river is considered as one of the premier white water rafting river with its rapids ranging all the way up to class V. This river is bordered by abrupt green walls and in this location you will get totally detached from the civilized life as well as will feel more connected with the nature and enjoy the tranquility. You will have to take a life jacket, helmet and paddle before arriving the river and also take safety instructions from a guide.  You will find the first 4 miles consists of fun class II-III rapids where you can test you river skills and improve confidence.

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