Night Life: Party the Costa Rican Way!

Clubbing in Costa Rica is one mesmerizing way adults can enjoy the night life in this country where people are always festive, happy and of course, more than happy to welcome tourists from all over the world. From relaxed pubs, acoustic bars, dance clubs, gay bars and many more, Costa Rica offers almost everything you want if you’re in for the scene and ready to be seen.

Below are just some of the most famous night spots in the country but there are a lot more just around the corner especially if you’re in San Jose or in one of the beaches of the country’s provinces.


The Beatle Bar- Jaco Beach is known to be one the world’s premier surfing spots and the Beatle Bar which is located just 1 block away from the beach is dubbed as Costa Rica’s most popular nightclub–even in the whole of Latin America. It is flocked by party people because of its world-class light shows, heart-thumping sound system and the hottest pole dancers. It offers a lot of space deeming with streaks of red, blue and green light where you can dance to the music of international DJ’s. More than that, original dishes and mixed liquors and drinks to satisfy you all the way.


Shannon Irish Pub- This place is perfect if you and your mates or girl friends want to just sit back, relax and enjoy pints of beer. Located in downtown San Jose, you can hit this spot if you’re really not up for clubbing in Costa Rica and just want quiet, steady conversations with intimate friends. It is owned by a guy named Kelly from Ireland and here’s more than ready to serve you Jameson and Bushmills whiskey, Guinness and a few other types of original Irish brew.


Blue Marlin Bar- This bar is located inside the Hotel Del Rey in the heart of San Jose and is famous for its lovely women bartenders and friendly locals. It is actually made up of three bars (Monkey Bar, Little Marlin, Key Largo Bar) joined together. It’s strictly an adults-only bar so make sure you’re old and ready enough for all the action happening here. But be warned, Blue Marlin Bar is a tad bit over-priced.


The Horseshoe- This casino/bar is very near Hotel Del Rey. If you’re ready to splurge and gamble away a good amount of money, this is the place for you. It’s quite a big place considering it’s two stories high. You get to play Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, 21, tute, black jack and all the other popular casino games you can think of. So if you’re ready for a chance to win money before you go clubbing in Costa Rica, drop by The Horseshoe and try your luck.


Bogart’s Restaurant and Lounge- Every first Friday of the month, this lounge offers a gay night. It is mostly dedicated to the gay community to party the night away and of course, be joined by everyone else. It is located in the heart of Quepos and it is a lounge good for dining, drinking amongst families and friends in other nights. They are famous for their angus meat and a unique Lebanese cuisine.


Vertigo- If you want high-end elite clubbing in Costa Rica, then Vertigo is the place for you. It has two floors with classy furniture and set up and even wider space for dancing to electro, rave and trance music. This club has its own room if you prefer dancing to hip hop and house. International professional DJ’s often this club so make sure you won’t miss it.


Raices Reggae Bar- If you want to listen to the good vibrations of reggae music the entire night, head over to Raices located in downtown San Jose. It’s a casual bar which doesn’t demand any posh dress code and the drinks and food are cheap if not fairly-priced.


Most of the clubs and bars here are opened until 3AM but some let everyone finish off their drinks and leave until they shut down so you have a lot of choices you can get into. Even better, the capital city of San Jose is home to a lot of the most famous hot spots where you can bar-hop.

So if you’re planning on throwing a bachelor’s party for your mate or you’re single and ready to hit the clubs and meet the crowds, then clubbing in Costa Rica should be part of your to-do list!






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