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Solo Bueno Tours is an adventure travel company based in Cabuya, in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. They offer adventurous tours and excursions in several locations to small groups of people from all walks of life. With Solo Bueno Tours, embark on a Solo Bueno Tours 2 venturesome journey sprinkled with just a right amount of thrill, serenity, fun and merriment. The company is owned and managed by a bunch of local tour guides who grew up in Costa Rica and are quite familiar with the area. The staff members and tour guides of Solo Bueno Tours are professional, experienced and bilingual. At Solo Bueno Tours, you have a lot of options. You can take a trip to the tranquil Cabuya Island, catch some tropical species of fish, pay a visit to marine creatures by snorkeling, have an exhilarating kayaking expedition, go horse riding on the beach and much more. Solo Bueno Tours also arrange customized trips and provide transportation to and from your location for an additional fee. With Solo Bueno Tours, explore some of the most beautiful places of Costa Rica and experience amazing new things.


Solo Bueno Tours offers a number of fantastic activities and excursions. Some of the popular ones are:

Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve Tour

Cabuya is a doorway to Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve, the very first nature reserves of Costa Rica. The national park is noted for its natural beauty, plethora of wildlife species and adventurous opportunities. It is regarded as a sanctuary for nature and sport enthusiasts. During your guided tour with Solo Bueno, enjoy spectacular vistas of fauna and flora, try out different activities and explore the beaches. The tour is approximately four hours long and suitable for kids and adults alike.

A Tour of Cabuya Island – Kayaking, Fishing and Much More

Solo Bueno Tours 3 Cabuya is situated on the southern end of Nicoya Peninsula. If you are seeking a tranquil location for your retreat, the picturesque village is the place to go. It is renowned for its quaint and unusual features such as Isla de Cabuya. The mystical island is from the pre-Columbian time and is the only one in the country to be used as a burial ground. On its extreme end, there is a reef spot with rocky tide pools great for snorkeling, surfing and swimming. With Solo Bueno, learn to catch fish with a spear gun or a fishing line at low tide. Guests can also enjoy paddling, kayaking and snorkeling.  In the afternoon, enjoy a snack of fresh oysters and abalone.

Horseback Riding

The company organizes great horseback riding tours for newbies and veteran along the pristine coasts of Montezuma and Cabuya.

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