Tamarindo Beach: A Costa Rican Piece of Paradise

Tamarindo Beach Costa Rica is a coastal country dotted with grand beaches along its sandy shore and flocked by tourists for its tropical climate and crystal blue waters. Tamarindo Beach which was once dominated by fishermen is now a popular tourist destination for a unique vacation with the sands and seas.

Located in the Pacific Coast of Guanacaste, Tamarindo Beach stretches to a three and a half kilometer of pure white sand and mesmerizing blue waters. This Costa Rican beach is also part of a bay formed by Cabo Velas which stands as one of the protected nesting areas for Leatherback turtles worldwide. Once these turtles start to arrive in between the months of October to March to lay their eggs, it is one spectacle tourists can witness.


Weather and Climate

The sun is up almost the whole year round, allowing both tourists and locals just about any time to head out to Tamarindo Beach to soak up the sun. Its tropical climate has always been a big plus for this beach. Although minimal showers are expected in the months of May to October, this is still an advantage to catch a more beautiful sunset by the beach.


Staying and Dining In

Tamarindo Beach welcomes anyone who wants a getaway from the bustling city and an unforgettable vacation. Various hotels offer accommodations fit either for a budget or luxury trip. There are also a lot of private beach houses, condominium units and even Bed and Breakfast places you can choose from to maximize your stay.

Vegetarian and meat lovers alike have a lot of food choices to pick out from once they’ve settled in. Local Tico culture is very much evident in the cuisines over at Tamarindo Beach. Both chic and simple restaurants are all ready to be of food service to anyone who wants to dive into the gastronomical adventure this beach has to offer.

Moreover, Tamarindo Beach is still a home away from home with grocery stores, ATM machines, internet cafes and laundromats made available for any traveler.


What to Do and What to See

Tamarindo Beach is the Garden of Eden for water sports enthusiasts. Surfers, fishermen and divers can indulge in an variety of water activities. Beginners shouldn’t be intimidated because Tamarindo Beach promises a little something for each and every tourist.

All levels of surfers can enjoy the warm waves of the Pacific Coast and those interested in fishing can participate in deep bluewater fishing, reef or shoreline fishing. Scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and river kayaking are some of the other water activities people could enjoy once they set foot on Tamarindo Beach.

One of the top tourist attractions in this Costa Rican beach is the Tamarindo Nastional Widlife Refuge. It houses protected mangrove trees and forests in a 1,000-hectare space that tourists can witness and appreciate.

Heading to Tamarindo Beach is a must if ever you find yourself in Costa Rica. With the warm blue waters and white grains of sand gracing your feet, this beach promises to a laid-back escape from your usual fast-paced city living.


Getting to Tamarindo Beach

This famous Costa Rican beach is very much accessible to everyone. With two airlines (SANSA & Nature Air) providing more than enough flights to take you from San Jose to Guanacaste, traveling through air won’t be a problem. Buses from San Jose also have routes going to Tamarindo Beach as well as private charters and car rentals which will take you around 4 hours of driving.



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