Top 5 Walking Tours in Costa Rica


If you are planning for a vacation in Costa Rica and want to enjoy exploring its amazing natural beauty as well as wild life, the better option is to choose a walking tour. With the help of an expert local guide, you can walk through the rain forest and spot different species of colorful birds and wildlife. Experienced guide can help you to learn something that you might not know personally such as about the local people, culture, economy as well as history of Costa Rica. You can enjoy walking to the farms and plantations that can give you some perspective on the Costa Rican economy and the role of agriculture. You can also go to the various barrios, museums, and galleries. You can also walk along rural villages with stops at people’s homes where you can meet Costa Rican people and learn about their lives first-hand. You can enjoy walking through the chattering rainforests where tapirs snuffle in the underbrush and iridescent quetzal wing from tree to tree. You will be delighted in daily sightings of exotic birds and verdant trails leading to amazing waterfalls. You can also enjoy walking among the towering 150-foot-tall trees of Corcovado National Park, one of the largest lowland tropical rainforests in the world. Here goes top 5 walking tours in Costa Rica:

Barrio Bird Walking Tours:

If you stay in San Jose, you can learn about it’s history, art and culinary traditions by visiting museums, galleries and the surrounding area. You can choose the Barrio Bird Walking Tours and your experience guide will explain everything like about the state of local politics and also about the history of the National Theater. If you go for walking tour, you will not have to get stuck on a tour bus and enjoy winding through the city parks dipping into hidden-away corners by following flat, pedestrian-only paths.

Choco Art Chocolate Tour:

People who are fond of chocolate, they can be amazed by watching the process of making chocolates. In the history of the Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, Cacao has deep roots and the cocao plantations used to dominate the landscape. If you go for a walking tour to enjoy a chocolate tour and visit  a cacao farm like Choco Art, you will get the opportunity to learn about both the history and agriculture. You can also get the opportunity to enjoy tasting several chocolates of single origin from small farms.

Los Santos Ecotrail:

This walking tour will allow you to walking along 31-mile trail through the Dota region of central Costa Rica off the Inter-American Highway and through family farms and cloud forests. There is a project called ‘Heart of Gold’ runs the small group trips and from this project you can know about the rural community and you will also get a glimpse of the real picture of the country. This eco-trail is perfect for the intermediate level hikers who are seeking cultural and educational eco-tourism experiences. This walking tour usually be guided in small groups, at least in the initial stages of trail and itinerary development.

Palmitour at Finca Guarumo:

This walking tour is an encounter with the permaculture of Costa Rica. If you go for this tour, you will also enjoy learning about the source of the heart of palm. With the help of farmers, you can enjoy walking through and watch their operation as well as learn about the process of homesteading on the land and also about the technique of cultivating worms to enrich the soil of the field.


Religious minded travelers can go for this tour. In every August, a pilgrimage takes place to where the sacred Catholic statue La Negrita is kept. And it is the Lady Los Angeles Basilica in Cartago,. From every part of the country, people walk for this tour but it is especially the 15 miles from San Jose to ask the statue for the travelers wish. It might seem like a crazy walk and not like the other walking tour.

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