Orosi Valley: The Majestic and Most Beautiful Valley of Costa Rica

Dubbed as the most picturesque valley in the whole of Costa Rica, the Orosi Valley is a place where you can breathe in life, almost literally. It was named after a Huetar Inidan chief who used to rule the region before the Spanish colonization began.

The brown-and-green blend of the mountains, quietly flowing waters, rustic roads as well as long blankets of blossoms and trees can take away a moment’s breath of anyone who encounters this Costa Rican valley.

So if you’re tired of kayaking, driving your 4×4’s along shorelines and basking in the beaches dotted along the coast of the country and want nothing more than to be one with nature, Orosi Valley is the perfect escape for you.

The  Orosi Valley is 37 miles away from San Jose and just 5 miles southeast of Cartago. If you’re on the other side at the tip of Irazu Volcano-Costa Rica’s tallest volcano, this valley is visible on a clear day.

What to See
Apart from the wealthy soils, waters and an impeccable climate, there’s more to see in the Orosi Valley. This undiscovered nature paradise houses some of the country’s landmarks. That’s why it’s advisable to come here early during the day so you can spend a lot of time in good light taking in the beauty.

Iglesia de San Jose Orosi
This church is the oldest one in Costa Rica and is still a very much active one at that. Its doors are open everyday from 1PM to 5PM and houses a monastery which has become a small art museum. Inside is an elaborate altar and only 16 pews are rowed facing it. The tower bell on top of this church has been rang for more than 268 years and counting.

Trouchas Kiri
In this part of the Orosi Valley, you get to catch your own rainbow trout for $10, have someone clean and cook it for you and is served to you whole and steaming with a sizeable amount of rice and beans on the side.

Getting to Orosi Valley
It’s an hour away from the international airport in San Jose. If you’re planning on taking a bus, catch on from Cartago onto Cachi via Paraiso. Let the driver know that you need to be dropped off at the fork road to Ujarras where Tipico Ujarras Restaurant is. From there, it’s a half-mile to the ruins.  

If you’re going to drive, take the Highway 224 south from Cartago and simply follow the signs that will eventually lead you to the valleys.

Once you’re there, you can either explore Orosi Valley on your own or have an experienced bilingual tour guide to help you out.


Place to Stay in Orosi Valley

Orosi Lodge
A small and bumble 2-story place, the Orosi Lodge boasts of its premium coffee that come from beans grown from an organic farm on the northern part of the Orosi Valley. There’s a small gift shop where you can also get a piece of Orosi Valley to take home with you.

Going to the Orosi Valley gives you a glimpse as to how Costa Rica was before it was commercialized and crowded. The quiet and peaceful surroundings gives you a sense of tranquility and belonging in Mother Nature. So if you’d like a satisfying escape and quality solitary time to be in touch with nature, the Orosi Valley has more than enough natural beauty to give you.


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