Rainforest Eco Lodges in Costa Rica


Costa Rica is the there are many rainforests that are just paradise for the adventure seeker. These rainforests are rich in biodiversity, usually found in tropical areas with consistently heavy rainfall. These rainforests are home to different species of birds, plants, animals and many more that would only be experienced if one physically visit those rainforests. Many eco lodges have been built in those rainforests. People who have never seen the monkey, spider, fer-de-lance snakes and the three-toed sloth then they should visit Costa Rica and stay at a Rainforest eco lodge. Rainforest eco lodges offers many types of different activities and also health retreat sessions and use eco friendly materials to built the lodges so that it doesn’t alter natural beauty. These types of eco lodges are really great place to stay close to the nature and explore the wildlife.

Aguila de Osa

Located in Drake Bay, Aguila de Osa is an elegant rainforest and marine adventure hotel, perfect destination for adventurers from around the world. This hotel offers the most suitable access to the Cano Island Biological Marine Reserve and the Corcovado National Park that allow the guests to enjoy many types of adventure activities such as scuba diving, world class sport fishing, snorkeling, bird watching, river kayaking, hiking and many more. Aguila de Osa set  in a tropical rainforest and an amazing Pacific shoreline. This hotel offers delicious local cuisine, accommodations that are tucked in the hillside, are spacious, open suites and rooms, and also offers gracious hospitality.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/aguila-de-osa-inn/

Almonds-and-Corals Almonds and Corals

Nestled in the heart of the Gandoca-Manzillo Wildlife Refuge, Almonds and Corals is a ocean front jungle resort. It is devoted to achieving the right balance between a sustainable accommodation choice and a luxurious getaway. In this lodge there is a spacious and intimate open-air restaurant flanking the beach, an informal and restful bar. There is also a jungle Spa Pavillion that offers a full range of wellness treatments such as aroma therapy massages, reflexology and cooling massages. Almonds and Corals offers a good selection of action-packed adventure tours and relaxed excursions. 24 safari pavilion style luxury tents are offered by the lodge and these suits are elevated and linked through wooden walkways through which the guests can go to the jungle, open-air restaurant and connected beach. 

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/almonds-and-corals/

esquinas-rainforest Esquinas Rainforest Lodge

Located in the remote southern zone of Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. It combines the best of the wilderness appeal of the nation’s rainforests with the tranquility of its castaway beaches. The lodge is situated on Corcovado National Park’s extension which is the thriving spot for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts, adventure junkies and wildlife researchers.  This lodge offers a vast range of tours are such as nature hikes which let the guests to spot over 350 species of vivid birds along with vibrant butterflies and little known insects. Adventure lovers will enjoy mountain biking, horseback riding and kayaking (at Golfo Dulce). Esquinas Rainforest Lodge also offers many other including  tour of the Wilson Botanical Garden, a San Vito coffee plantation tour, day long trip to the Corcovado National Park via a light plane and flights over the Osa Peninsula.  There are fourteen tastefully decorate rooms which are causal yet comfortable and well maintained. These rooms are equipped with a private terrace, a ceiling fan and a hot water shower. There is also a a jungle villa constructed on a nearby hill at a short distance from the original lodge. Each room of this villa has an independent veranda from where the guests can enjoy splendid views of Esquinas’ ecologically abundant surroundings.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/esquinas-rainforest-lodge/

Finca Exotica

Finca Exotica, is a luxury property, an organic farm cum retreat, set amidst Osa’s isolated beaches and its much touted tropical rainforests.This farm was established in 2001, offering an exotic combination of rustic sophistication with the principles of eco-tourism. This eco lodges offers its guests a rich assortment of nature, adventure and relaxation activities on a platter. While staying at this lodge, guests will feel the inner harmony of the nature and love to stay close to the nature. Finca Exotica offers a early morning Yoga session on an elevated bamboo platform. As this lodge located close to the popular Corcovado National Park, its guests can easily go for a  self-guided hike through the jungle or go bird watching. If the guests interested, they can also volunteering for  the resort’s sustainable environment activities. 

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/finca-exotica/

The Pacuare Jungle Lodge

Nestled along the banks of the beautiful Pachuare River in the scenic Caribbean region, the Pacuare Jungle Lodge is an ideal vacation spot for the people who seek the luxury of living amidst pristine natural surroundings as well as to enjoy the comforts of a world-class holiday retreat. Built within the lush confines of 25,000 acre sheltered area, Pacuare Jungle Lodge serves everything from candlelight gourmet dinners to multitude of adventure activities to intimate honeymoon packages. Pacuare River banks can easily access from the lodge and this the reason behind its name. Many adventure activities including hiking, rafting, and wildlife spotting are offered by the lodge. Pacuare Jungle lodge offers  a wide range of accommodation options to suit various budgets and requirements. There is also a large  swimming pool, an expert massage therapist (for revitalizing massage treatments in the backdrop of a verdant natural setting) and bar where the guests can enjoy inspiring cuisine and innovative cocktails in the backdrop of the often chronicled Caribbean sunset.  

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/the-pacuare-jungle-lodge/

Samasati-Nature-Retreat Samasati Nature Retreat

Set amidst virgin rainforests in the backdrop of the Caribbean Coast, Samasati Nature Retreat is a one-of-its-kind 250 acre back to nature retreat for eco-tourism buffs, adventure seekers holiday and yoga practitioners. Samasati merges the best of ancient eastern philosophy with policies of sustainable tourism and environmental preservation. A huge selection of nature/adventure based tours are offered by the retreat. Some special activity specific packages such as the bird watching packages, the indigenous culture package, the romantic honeymoon packages and the tropical adventure package are also offered by Samasati. Samasati Nature Retreat also arranges some inhouse packages such as yoga session at the tastefully appointed yoga center equipped with a quality sound facility and dozens of yoga props, massages, Ayurveda consultation and treatment. There are nine spacious, comfortable and well furnished Caribbean style bungalows (created from expensive polished wood and radiate an appearance of understated elegance) in Samasati Nature Retreat. There is also Monkey Lodge quipped with five double rooms and every room offers two single beds, a private veranda (with hammocks) and with two bathrooms. 

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/samasati-nature-retreat/

Tierra-de-los-Milagros Tierra de los Milagos

Tierra de los Milagos is an isolated yoga retreat, nestled at the southern tip of Costa Rica, in the natural magnificence radiating Osa Peninsula. This lodge is surrounded by pristine beaches and surreal looking tropical rainforests on both sides. With its isolated feel in an area of lush tropical rainforests Tierra de los Milagros is really different one. This lodge predominantly functions as a yoga retreat that focuses on offering individual and group yoga and offers guests two breathtaking locations for practising the ancient spiritual discipline in a pristine backdrop.  Tierra de los Milagros offers many food items that are freshly off their organic gardens or caught daily from the Golfo Dulce. Accommodation at the Tierra de los Milagros is available in the form of beautiful handcrafted thatch-roofed bungalows (features open-air showers and a unique character), which sit prettily amidst a lush ten-acre botanical garden.

More info: http://www.costaricaecolodges.net/tierra-de-los-milagros/


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