Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge

500 feet above the marriage point of Golfo Duce and and Pacific Ocean, Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge is the premiere ecolodge in the Osa Peninsula. Because of its rich, unique and environmental-friendly surroundings and accommodations, this is your home within the natural beauty that encompasses Costa Rica.

A Fascinating Fact

Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge is fully-powered by either solar or hydroelectric power which all the more empowers their advocacy of saving and conserving the environment for generations to come.


The Bungalows

Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge is home to 10 thatched-roof bungalows, each having sufficient privacy and seclusion among the lush evergreens. As soon as you step out of your room, you are greeted with stunning and breathtaking views of the blue oceans and immense gardens.

There’s a modern bathroom for each of the bungalow as well as outdoor garden showers.

If you just want to relax near your home away from home, Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge has hammocks and comfortable chairs installed on the porches of the bungalows.


The Rental Houses

There are two rental houses in Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge for those who really want to experience the jungle living.

Casa Blanca- it houses 2 bathrooms, 2 bedroom suites in the far side of the house, a fully-furnished and equipped kitchen, a large living room, spacious wraparound porch and once you step out, you are greeted by the divine view of the Pacific Ocean.

Casa Miramar- this has three casitas tastefully built with artistic design, each with 2 bathrooms, fully-furnished and equipped kitchen, a living room area and a porch that welcomes you with the view of the sunset.


The Tropical Garden

The Tropical Garden of Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge also houses garden accomodations with Casa Teca, two cabinas, one rental house, Cabina La Paz and Cabina Almendra as well as a wildlife pond.

For added thrill, you’ll be able to see the Tropical Garden by crossing a 300-ft suspended bridge which spans a 75-ft deep rainforest gorge. El Palenque is yet another exciting feature of the Tropical Garden. It is a restaurant/bar which is a good place to do a bit of bird-sighting.


Hiking Trails

The forest is still wildly explored by walking. Considering there is abundant biodiversity in Bosque del Cabo Ecolodge, hiking is a must-do in this area. Trails around the lodge allow you to further discover what else the Pacifi area of Costa Rica has to offer. You’ll be able to spot natural pools and waterfalls where you can dip, swim and freshen yourselves after a long hike.


Other Nature Activities

You can take a walk in the suspension bridge near the Tropical Garden, do a bit of zip-lining across trees, ride horses or if you find yourself amid the rivers of Costa Rica, go ahead and get the thrill out of kayaking, surfing, waterfall rappelling or simply, swim!

Covering over 750 acres of land in the Southern Pacific region of the country, Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge has been dedicated to preserving the natural vegetation and wildlife and sharing it to all the guests as well since it opened in 1990.


So if ever you want the ultimate nature vacation of a lifetime, go ahead and reserve a home away from home in Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge.


Getting Here 

You can take a flight which goes up in the air daily via SANSA or Nature Air. If you want the people from Bosque del Cabo Eco Lodge, simply contact them and they would be more than happy to arrange your itinerary for you.

It can take you upto 7 hours to get to Puerto Jimenez from San Jose. You can take the bus or rent a car if you have the right documents (visa, credit card, license). Four-wheel drives are highly recommended if you’ll be driving.


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