PDC – Permaculture Design Certificate


PDC-Permaculture Design Certificate Course usually includes same format and teaches the practitioners how to apply the Permaculture principles in construction of our homes, production of foods and also conservation of the natural energy. By joining this type of certification course, the participants become aware of protecting the nature by working with it rather than against it and how to maintain sustainable lifestyle. This type of Permaculture design certificate course includes classroom discussion, group learning, workshops, projects and practical activities on the field. Practitioners get the brief about what they will practically do and what they will learn and then they will participate in different types of practical activities like gardening, seasonal harvesting, water management, Particular sector and zone analysis, recycling the daily wastage in an eco friendly way, eco construction, introducing to the ethics and principles of Permaculture, introducing to the different types of plants, seeds, soils and trees, and many more. This type of Permaculture Design Certificate course teaches how to use the waste products as resources as well as eliminate the wastes, how to take care of the total environment and maintain a sustainable lifestyle.

PDC-Permaculture-Design-Certificate Rancho Delicioso:

With its 8 hectare estate area, this permaculture volunteer project and eco village is set close to two renowned undeveloped beach towns Santa Teresa and Montezuma. Though it is based in the tropical climate of the country, it offers Permaculture Design Certificate Course not only to work in tropics but also to the design and implementation of temperate climate design. The class includes both lectures and practical activities and emphasizes on how to make a multi-functional, diverse landscape, design solutions for human habitats based on ecological patterns. People who have interest in designing resilient and regenerative futures can take this course. It is also applicable for the professionals who woks in education, architecture, farming, ecology and community development. At the end of the course, participants will learn how to design their own permaculture site, how to re-design and improve their surroundings, process of making organic gardens, farms and also about eco construction homes.

More info: http://ranchodelicioso.com/pdc-permaculture-design-certificate/
Website: http://ranchodelicioso.com


finca-tierra Finca Tierra:

Finca Tierra, with its 9 acre area in a tropical setting, is a well known center providing Permaculture Design Certificate Course and also Internship. Its course is about community development and also forest gardening. It introduces the techniques which are applicable to any climate. The course is for 72 hours and covers Permaculture curriculum and all the fundamentals of ecological design. This course teaches the practitioners how to analyse the tropical and temperate regions’ site. They also know about the principles and ethics of Permaculture, microclimate design and master planning of landscape, design for climate change, landscape and pattern recognition, eco construction, using of greywater in the landscape, organic gardening and many more. This course also include accommodation facilities, internet access, meals thrice a day and also field trips.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/finca-tierra-organic-permaculture-farm-eco-lodge/
Website: http://fincatierra.com

finca-morpho Finca Morpho:

This Permaculture community is nestled near the Osa Peninsula’s point of Cabo Matapalo. With its 4.2 hectares area, this offers 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course that includes 3 meals a day, at least one design project exercise or multiple design vignettes and at the end of the day there will be a Talent Show. During this course, the practitioners will work practically in the field, will have discussions that will motivate them to learn the techniques to apply in their community.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/finca-morpho
Website: http://www.fincamorpho.com/

Punta Mona Permaculture design course Punta Mona:

With its 85 acre area, Punta Mona is a family owned eco-lodge and Permaculture farm. This farm offers 72+ hour Permaculture Design Course that includes accommodations, all meals, daily yoga class and also activities like Cacao Party, Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling and Mud Bathing. Practitioners will have the discussion about education alternatives, triple bottom line business, economics in agriculture, slow food, alternative energies, community development, green building and many more. Participants will also do practical projects that includes compost making, soil exercise, water management exercise, orientation to Punta Mona and Tropical Ecosystems, onsite analysis and many more.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/punta-mona/
Website: http://puntamona.org/


Rancho Mastatal Rancho Mastatal:

It is a working Permaculture farm, a living class room, an educational center and community providing different types of educational programs related to sustainability, caring relationships and livelihoods. It offers Permaculture Design Certification workshop which are directed by a diverse team of Permaculture instructors Chris Shanks, Scott Gallant, Laura Killingbeck, Rachel Jackson and others. This course lasts for two weeks and it covers the Permaculture Design curriculum. The participants will have the classes based on lectures and also do practical activities at the end of the workshops, they will work as a team and will make designs for their own Permaculture site.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/rancho-mastatal/
Website: http://ranchomastatal.com/


verdenergia Founded in 2006, VerdEnergia is venture located in Salitrales, San José Province, Costa Rica. It was developed by a small group people who tried to build a cooperative farm. Since the inception VerdEnergia has been trying to recover and rejuvenate ruined cattle field into a food forest. They offer a permaculture design certification that blends hands-on experiences with classroom lectures. They have designed their curriculum such a way that the course covers regenerative practices, design theory and the basics of design consultation on a professional level.

More info: http://www.costaricajourneys.com/verdenergia
Website: http://www.verdenergia.org/


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